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DM-Cubemap - Abstracted Fragging with a Square Jeep!

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    The camera for the square jeep is strange, I think. I realize it's similar to the other wheeled vehicles in UT3, but when the vehicles suddenly changes direction, it's disorienting.


      Yes the server seems to drop connection after I switch to DM-Cubemap. I tried move the VH-Jeep.upk to various directories and even tested a load without it on the server. The latter test was interesting in that it seemed to imply that the server could find it as long as it was in the UT3 directory; I actually received an error stating that it could not be found when I loaded the map without the file. In most all other attempts, with the file present on the server, I received a client message of error opening the file. The server logged a few messages one of the times stating the it also hed an error opening the file and error deleting the file. I have read in some other threads (Snarf's I think) that, even if you cook a script to your map, you may need to distribute the original .u(s) along with the map for online compatiblility.


        Originally posted by mrrobsa View Post
        Thanks for the kind comments about the music! I had thought at one stage to embed the music in the map but It's only a 4 and a half minute track, I thought it might get repetitive real quick.
        Nah, it's the kind of music that blends perfectly with the action, like the Super Mario tunes etc. And it's certainly better than deafening silence.

        Originally posted by mrrobsa View Post
        Of course if you guys really want it in there I'm sure I can oblige.
        That would be very cool.


          Hey guys, sorry about the delay. The reason is because I wanted to comply with your requests (embedded music, enable Team DM), but I think I've hit a brick wall.
          You see I mentioned in an earlier post that I just got done formatting my HDD to put a new OS on there. I think you can see where this is going. There's always something you forget when formatting, this time it was some of the script files in my UT3 Documents folder (and my Firefox Bookmarks! :O ). The editor throws a hissy fit when I try to open the map, which annoys me since the map MUST have all the bits it needs to run since you can still compile and play in game.
          Upshot of this is I can't provide you guys with a slightly tooled up version, for which I apologise. I've made available the music track for dl, in case anyone still wants a copy.If anyone wants to unpick the map using the editor they are more than welcome, but I figure they'll just run into the same trouble as me.
          Thanks for your interest and/or support, but it looks like DM-Cubemap will forever remain a V1.0 (not that I wanted to go into doing loads of updates regardless). Any Left 4 Dead fans should look forward to trying a campaign built by me in April 2010!


          Music Download:

          (.wav I'm afraid, never needed to compress it so why would I?!)


            Pity there won't be an update. Never the less great job. It's like being in the La La Land,... with a gun .




              Added it to game-maps now


                Where are the Sim's in the map ?


                  Wow zunnie, thanks a lot!

                  And Raz, I'm sorry but I don't understand your question! Is Sims short for something?!


                    No never mind, it was a joke cause your map is very colorful


                      Oh I see! Sorry to make you explain your joke Raz!