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DM-Desolate Shrine

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  • DM-Desolate Shrine

    Name: DM-Desolate Shrine
    Version: 1.4
    Compatibility: Works with Titan Update
    Description: This is my first map for UT3. I made this map while I was learning how to use the UT3 editor that ships with the game. This is also a remake of an earlier map I'd made for another game. Plays fine with 4 to 6 players.

    Comments: While the name implies it's a shrine, it's a different setting than the original map, I've only kept the name for some consistency. Also while I personally think the map is a bit small for UT3, I'm looking for any other feedback on how I could make better maps in the future.

    Front end of the map
    Back end of the map

    Credits: Draken Stark
    Download: PC:

    The spawn point issue should be fixed.

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    Downloading it now and will take a look later. =)


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      nice map. looks better than my first 1


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        I guess I'll work on a PS3 cook sometime tomarrow if anyone's interested. I'm thinking it'd be a generally good idea no matter what, so I'll post again once I get around to it.


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          Could you please point me to a tutorial that show`s how to re-cook maps to PS3? =)


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            This is what I was going to use to learn how when I got around to it.


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              Thanks a lot man =)


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                Added to game-maps


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                  OK the PS3 Version that was way overdue is now up. I finally have a copy of UT3 for the PS3 so I can test things of my own. Here's a question though, spawn points sometimes spawn players backwards. How can one fix this?


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                      I see that you were thoughtful about your map, which is a good sign. Seeing it's your first map for this game (don't know your past mapping experiences) and it takes some time to get used to the tools and such, take my comments in the spirit of helping you become better.

                      1. The biggest area that can improve this map is over all design. It's very cubed shape with large flat walls, ceilings, and such. Depending on your commitment to mapping and whether or not it's affordable for you, I would consider buying Hourences "The Hows and Why of Level Design".

                      I purchased this after a couple of years of mapping and it was still useful. It explains why things tend to work well and why you should use them. Most tutorials for mapping just tell you what to do and not the reason behind it.

                      In additional, reading some design theory tutorials is always a good idea. Even to this day, I like to read these types of tutorial/articles/books as you can never learn enough and I have a hard time with design myself.

                      Here are some random technical suggestions.

                      2. Don't use materials that were created for detailed meshes. From a far, they may look good, but once you get up close and you realize they are meant for a static mesh, it won't help your map any.

                      3. For lighting, you should have a visible light source (static mesh usually) that appears to be giving off the appropriate amount of light (also the color should match).

                      For example, you have some small lights on the material for your floor, but it seems like they are giving off way too much light for there size. There are other areas that are well lit, but it's hard to tell where the light is coming from.

                      Another thing regarding lighting, you should have a skylight actor with a light light brightness and a color that matches the most used light color in your map. This will case even lighting all around your map. You don't want the brightness set high as your map's lighting will look "flat", which is not good. But, if you do it right, it will help fill in the very dark (black) areas of your map, which are not good either.

                      4. If you look outside of your map (on the outside areas of the big additive brush), you will be able to see inside your map on two corners. This is actually a BSP error. In this case, it's not noticeable, but if it was visible inside of your map, you will notice some bad visual glitches.

                      The angled BSP sheets might be causing the issue. Good BSP technique is a must, especially in a map that's more complex.

                      5. On the same BSP brush, you don't need to apply that complex of a material to it since no one will see it (it's good that you set it to not accept lights). In the EngineMaterials package, there is a "BlackUnlitMaterial". This should be used on any BSP surface that the player can't see (in addition to making that surface not accept lighting).

                      There is another material that you can use called "RemoveSurfaceMaterial", but you have to be careful where you use it. In this example, it's ideal as that surface will never be used to occlude (hide) anything else. But for surfaces inside your map, it's best to stick with the "Unlit" one.

                      I hope this helps you with your next map.

                      Edit: I did notice that some of your player starts faced the player directly into a wall and you asked how to fix this...

                      1. Select the player start and you should see a little arrow facing out of it (the direction the player will be facing).
                      2. Press the space bar until the widget (red, green, & blue thingie) turns into a "ball", grab onto the blue part of it and rotate it as needed.


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                        The facing at the wall was not the problem, they should all be facing towards an open area or a weapon pickup. I tried to be thoughtful on their placement and direction. My problem with them is that players are spawning in the opposite direction. Though I've already started on two other maps, I'm thinking this is due to not selecting the 'bOneWayPath' (maybe another name with same meaning) checkbox.

                        I'm aware of the boxy layout. This was meant to be a very basic arena for my first time using the editor. I hope to revisit the map again as I really love playing my halo 3 version (which the map was loosely based on).

                        Although I find it lame to do so, I intentionally used a lack of lighting to hide some of the boxiness of the level. At the time I could not find anything in the default packages that I could use that would appeal to my appetite for what I wanted to see. I felt the level completed the gameplay aspect I was looking for, so I released it anyway.

                        The way I try to come up with a map is as such: I get an idea for a basic layout that I find interesting. Once I have a basic layout I look for how I can tweak it to find what I think is best about the map and set up gameplay. After I get everything down for a map I then look to make it appealing to the eyes. I think I failed on that part when it came to this map. Art is something I've been struggling with most of my life. It's easy to learn and hard to master like chess, and I love chess.

                        I really appreciate the feedback by the way. Thank you for trying to help me out. I'd love to hear more on your views of map making if you have the time. I could esspecially use help in the art department.
                        My biggest issue with level design so far is the lack of material (both textures and static meshes) that I would like to use or that would seem appealing yet also be easy to place. I would be more into making my own if I knew more of how to get what I would want. (Not exactly meaning how to make BSP materials or static meshes, more so I'm artisically challanged and strongly judgemental about it when I try.)


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                          As it turns out, after I copied and mirrored the spawn points, players spawn backwards from the arrow. I'll edit the main post once I get this fixed.