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CTF-Armadus [Pics - download for PC - PS3 cook also]

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    CTF-Armadus [Pics - download for PC - PS3 cook also]

    Name: CTF-Armadus

    Version: Final (hopefully)

    Compatibility: UT3 with titan pack

    Description: A dark and eerie environment, with flag reversal gameplay.

    Comments: I've decided to release this final version after fixing the issues in the beta. Gameplay layout remains the same.





    Credits: Epic games, me, ux-loki

    Homepage: None at this time

    Download for PC:

    Download for PS3:

    Wicked visuals man!
    Downloading for sure


      look good will play it when a hour of waiting is over
      plz use some other download site
      the map play,s good and look good too
      here some video


        Oh yea... I didn't/couldn't download it, because it's on fileplanet.
        I'll never download their unnecessary download software.


          Another could not download from File Planet. I didn't even get the option to DL their sucky software.

          A different link possible?



            wenn es hilft!



              **** that looks so unique!

              Mirror + HD-FlyBy


                I am glad you decided to release a final for this. Do you know how many peoople have asked me about this map since I posted the PS3 review and Gears vid on the Beta thread? Lots, including random youtube guys, lol. I just told them to contact you. I guess they did, lol. Since my review was of the final release and it's live now, I'll move me review hhere. Thanks again for thre great map.
                P.S. I host team deathmatch online (with allloverteam mod), Gears style on this map( just added), Immulsion, and Harbour (and some stock maps) everyday on PS3... Look for Play GoW with me.


                When I received the PS3 cook for the final version of "The Hitman"'s CTF map Armadus, I was excited. I am a big fan of "The Hitman"'s map Immulsion and I had been following his progress on his new map, Armadus. When the PS3 cook arrived in my inbox, it's a good thing no one was around to see my joyous dance and fist-pumping. All joking aside, I had high hopes for this map.

                As I use the pre-game free camera to explore the level, as I always do when trying out a new map, I am instantly drawn to the visuals. As I look from dead tree to the crumbling masonry of long since collapsed walls, all around me is despair and decay... nice. I look up into the sky to be greeted by a vista that must surely mark the coming of the end of days. As I explore this place that the world of the sun left behind, I find my way into a structure housing an altar... What is that thing on the altar? Or what was it once, long ago? I wonder for a moment before moving on... This is not a vacation spot... This is not a vibrant, colourful living world.... There is no redemption here... This is Armadus.

                Armadus was a map that was made utilizing Gears of War content, and it shows. The Gears of War influence is obvious everywhere you look. The integration into UT3 is near flawless as nothing looked out of place or like it somehow didn't belong. And even though I always knew that the characters had shadows, I never noticed them before I played this map. There were a couple of moments when I would turn a certain way and cast a seven foot tall shadow on a wall or the ground. The way that the lighting plays on this map does work well. But enough about the visuals for now and on to gameplay. Armadus is a CTF map that features flag-reversal gameplay, and it uses it well.

                Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of flag-reversal gameplay. Too many times I feel a disconnect when playing CTF. I head towards the opponents flag and by the time I'm 3/4 there, I am alerted that a teammate has already taken their flag. Now I must figure out which way my teammate might be heading in hopes of getting over there in time to help him reach home safely... "Oh, there he is... Oh no, he just died!" Time to turn around and try again. I constantly feel like a greyhound chasing after the rabbit that I will never catch. But then there's flag-reversal.... There is something thrilling about spawning with your team right in front of the enemy flag. The flag is immediately taken up by yourself or a teammate, and the team is all together and ready to accomplish their goal.... together... as a team. And that's what I like about flag-reversal gameplay mechanics, and the mechanic works well on Armadus. Do you play it like a football team, setting up your teammates in front of you like blockers and try to blast straight up the middle at the opponents goal, hoping to meet their flag carrier on the way, killing him on the way to the endzone push? Do you split up into three groups in an attempt to cover the middle and both flanks, keeping the opposing flag carrier from getting past you? When you are carrying the flag, do you take the extra time to go out of your way to pick up the armour? Whatever you choose, the firefights are sure to be frenetic and odds are you won't survive as the flag carrier on your first try... then again, their flag carrier probably won't either.

                I have also tested this map in both deathmatch and team deathmatch. Deathmatch can be a little hectic as the spawn points weren’t designed for deathmatch, but if you never want to have to look for people to shoot, it’s a good time. This map shines in team deathmatch. There is cover that can be used as your team presses into tactical vantage points across the map, and with weapons respawn enabled, there are often frantic races for power weapons. Since the map was made using Gears of War content, the choice to apply Gears of War characters and mods to this map was obvious, and I am happy to say that everything comes together nicely to give a distinct Gears of War flavour. The setting and atmosphere feels like Gears of War, it looks like Gears of War, and plays close to the same. There isn’t much colour or light in this map so you might want to turn the brightness up on your set/monitor when you try this map out. I also found that it looked best when I set the post-processing to “muted”.

                All in all, I really like this map and would recommend it highly for those who enjoy playing UT3 with a little Gears flavour from time to time.
                And here’s a video I made of team deathmatch, Gears of War style on this map so you can see it in action.


                  Didn't have the time to test the beta but I'm grabing the final for sure

                  It look amazing & I don't doubt that the gameplay will be great also

                  THX for your work


                    Originally posted by Schotti|UTzone View Post


                      Guys, I tried to upload it to filefront but it keeps failing, I dont know what to do here. Maybe I can send it to someone and they can upload it? I don't know.

                      @Stromboli: Thanks for the awesome review!


                        mediafire is good


                          Will do, keep checkin the thread I'm uploading them now.


                            Looks intense, sounds like you've had a good response from the community which makes me even more interested, i usually cruise around these forums while i'm waiting for my map(s) to rebuild, as soon as i have some idle time i'll test it.


                              great looks, plays quite nicely with the bots. off hand, the only thing that comes to mind to me was the lack of stingers when you cap.

                              i'm a huge fan of reverse capture the FLaG and this map fits kicks a lot of@55

                              thank you for your effort, and in your next life, or soon in this one, may you be paid for your talents(mapping that is) (unless you have other, unmentioned skillsets that might be worth some cash as well)