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    BR_Mosque [final]

    BR_Mosque + CTF_Mosque


    UT3 patch 4 or greater, Bombing Run Mod v3.1 or greater (

    This is an extremely large (32+ players) indoor/outdoor Bombing Run map, with a strong Arabic/Islamic architecture theme. It was created with the idea of presenting complex material examples and even offers some reusable skeletal mesh components to other map makers. However, it is first and formost a challanging and exciting map to play.

    The CTF version is included, but you still must have the Bombing Run mod installed to play the CTF map. This is because the CTF map uses some UTBRPathNodes (in "dumb" mode, i.e., without routes) left over from the Bombing Run map. The map was originally designed to be a Bombing Run map, and converting all the UTBRPathNodes to ordinary PathNodes was too difficult and tedious to be worth the effort for a CTF map which will seldom be played. Both maps require FIVE MINUTES MINIMUM to load the FIRST time (and only the first time) they are loaded. Subsequently they load quickly, especially for their size. I believe these are the largest maps ever created for UT3, if anyone knows that to be false I would appreciate receiving a message pointing the author to any maps which are larger. Also, please report any problems to this forum, or send the author a personal message.


    Thanks to W@rhead and the folks at The Reliquary.



    Looks good man, Haven't played much lately but I'll play this later tonight.



      just curious as to why you used utbrpathnodes throughout the level? unless I misunderstood your original post above.


        I think the link for download is corrupted. The download stopped few seconds after starting and it's saying the file is corrupted.


          Maps re-uploaded, new host

          I have uploaded the entire package to:

          I continue to attempt to make these maps available to the public, but regardless of where I upload them they always seem to disappear after a short while.

          There are three maps in this package:


          First, all of the files in this package should be installed, and if you had a previous version of BR_Mosque on your machine,
          any/all previous files should be replaced by the new ones in this package.

          Second, to play KBR_Mosque, you must have BOTH mods installed. Yes, you read that right. BOTH mods.
          Kilter's mod is found here (v1.0b9):

          Warhead's mod is found here (v3.22.7z):

          Warhead's mod may be available elsewhere, I've lost track of the official hosting site for this mod (sorry Warhead).

          There is no incompatibility in having them both installed.

          OK, why does Warhead's mod have to be installed to play KBR_Mosque? It's because of the PathNodes. Warhead put a lot of effort into
          bot behavior, modifying team and squad AI. This work included a subclass of PathNode (BRPathNode) which contains a lot of additional information used by
          Warhead's code. KBR_Mosque doesn't need or use any of that additional info, but because the starting point for creating KBR_Mosque was to
          copy and duplicate BR_Mosque, all of the PathNodes in KBR_Mosque started out as BRPathNodes. Since there is no way to script a replacement of
          each and every BRPathNode in the map with an ordinary factory PathNode, and since there are over 1000 of them, the worked involved in doing all the replacements
          manually was tedious, error prone and more than I was willing to accept. Consequently, all the PathNodes in KBR_Mosque are actually BRPathNodes,
          and so the file BombingRun.u from Warhead's mod must be installed to resolve the references. No big deal really.

          KBR_Mosque is a bit less successful IMHO than BR_Mosque, because the bots tend to get jammed up in the circular staircases, causing the ball to be reset too many times.
          Other than that, it works as intended.

          Warning - the first time (and only the first time) you load one of these maps, it can take up to five minutes to load. After the first time it's MUCH faster. Please be patient,
          start the load and go have a cup of coffee ;-)

          Feedback is always welcome, although very few people even know these maps exist, and even fewer have played them. I probably made them too large and too complex, it take a while to learn one's way around


            Looks cool. Don't have the BR mod though, but thanks for putting both links there.

            Good work, the screenshots are impressive.