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    Name: BR-Amazonas

    Version: v1.02 - July 5th, 2009

    Compatibility: Developed using UT3 Patch 2.1 and TR Bombing Run 3.1 (included in bundle package).

    Description: Deep in the most remote areas of the Venezuelan state Amazonas, an abandoned base was discovered with advanced technology left behind. Two factions had discovered this base at about the same time, so it was decided that each would take one half of the base and try to coexist together. However, natural resources began to run low and they soon realized that trying to live like this simply would not work. So it has come down to this: all-out war has been declared under the night sky, winner takes all, and your faction is counting on you to help lead them to victory!

    Comments: My second map, the first real, true, non-novelty map of mine, and I've come a long way. It's got a typical symmetrical Bombing Run layout and has been hanging out on my system since the OptiExtract's early development (back in January) and eventually it turned into this. Expect a classic-style feel and lots of fast action. Suitable for 4-6 players.


    Credits: Myself (hehe),, Ward Zwart (created the font on many of the decals), the rest of The Reliquary team, and Epic Games (game, tools, and UT99 music)

    Beta testing done by {FS}Relic and Laambo.

    Map only -- ZIP or 7Z
    Map with latest version of The Reliquary Bombing Run (version 3.1) -- ZIP or 7Z

    EDIT: Updated to v1.02.

    Like the images, looks professional, giving it a try



      Updated to v1.02. Fixes mostly with color saturation settings.