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    Love it, performance is much much better since the beta. And the improvements to the subway train are perfect. This is definitely a keeper!


      Originally posted by tidu View Post
      Love it, performance is much much better since the beta. And the improvements to the subway train are perfect. This is definitely a keeper!
      Thanks, glad to hear it's better now I wasn't too sure what it was when you mentioned the framerate issue. I optimised the materials and removed a few dynamic lights, in some areas there were two.


        It's a perfectly constructed map with good risk vs reward, clean original visuals and and nice little touches everywhere.. just what I expect from a Hazel map.

        I can't stop noticing there's badly flickering textures along the sides of the sets of stairs leading to the subway from the red base though, the ones just outside where the bio rifle is.. :/ Only on the red side too.


          Just played this map. As I suspected, it's very well made.

          The layout is nice, the visuals are nice (the bricks could have a bit more definition but that's just me but your custom assets are **** great), the atmosphere is really great, the item pickups (weapons / ammo) are also very good The only thing that I found a bit low is health. I did play with 11 bots at skillful level (so 12 total players) & I was running out of health very quickly. 1 - 2 more medium health would be welcomed.

          I love the lighting & the clean look you manage to accomplish. The train passing is really a great feature that is very convenient for the theme. Clever idea to put the vest / vials there & I like the feature that you get damage when your trying to go at the extremity of the tunnel lol, very clever

          The only things that I found extremely annoying for me is that bots get stuck in the stairs & it affect gameplay very badly. They're stuck like they want to climb to collect the items in the middle of the stairs :


          FPS is also great, I was always in the 120+ FPS

          In all, it's a keeper but I hope you will address the bots problem in a future version.

          Again, THX for your work


            Bad ***! Love your stuff Hazel, keep up the excellent work!


              Just a superb map. Plays a dream, looks just as it should, loads of fun.
              I'm not a great fan of the HOLP maps by and large so please Hazel, make some more like this


                train kept a rollin...

       out for that train! Ah, the subway setting, this always reminds of the CTF-Bastille custom map for the original UT. This one looks good with the details and it's about time I got around to commenting on this one. It's a good layout for the setting (very tight and you better know the map) and it must be really wild in Greed mode. I like the sound it makes when you frag someone or maybe that's just when you get near the escalators. I was kinda disappointed that the bots got stuck so easy especially near the escalators, but the map was still fun to play.