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Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 3

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    another good CBP3 volume

    - CDOM-CBP3-CollisionCourse >> Holy Moly! This better be a quick match with the imminent doom thing going on. Great effects all around the spaceship and nice explosion at the end. I like the announcements and multiple paths. The bots are not too bad and I'll have to study it more to get a grasp on all the possible paths for myself.
    - CDOM-CBP3-Enslaved >> hope no one is trying to hook up electricity in here because it ain't happenin'. I like the effect of light passing over everything at once all of a sudden as well as the other good visuals in this one (anything with water, vegetation, old buildings). This has decent gameplay and the bots aren't bad either. These first two maps show off the ClassicDOM gametype well.
    - CTF-CBP3-FullThrottle >> another one where you're moving at a good speed while trying to defend your flag. Nice visuals inside the playing field and it kinda looks interesting outside but I'm sure it's not meant to be looked at too closely. Don't jump off this fast train and watch out for the fans. A quick, small CTF with decent bots. Be careful where you xloc because on top of the rails is a wild ride.
    - CTF-CBP3-SacredArt >> tight inside and wide-open outside and I like the fog with the city view but the sky could be better. You better get the jumps right or it's a deathfall. This one is fun to play once you know how to jump.
    - DM-CBP3-Cydian >> This one is visually pleasing and I like the boat, sparks and water but not sure about the sky. The thunder is also a good addition. It has good gameplay but the bots have teleporter trouble.
    - DM-CBP3-Incapacitate >> old decrepit building theme again with one lift that doesn't work and great gameplay. Lots of neat effects with the dry ice thing and scenery and it seems this building may be a little more in ruins than in some other similar maps.
    - DM-CBP3-Rothem >> great flow and connectivity as well as visuals, this one is not too small for TDM as far as I can tell.
    - VCTF-CBP3-Artemisa >> large factory but not too huge for VCTF, bots suck and watch out for them when on foot.
    - VCTF-CBP3-Octopus >> This is just one large VCTF but not too big anymore than Artemisa is too big. This play well and I like the underneath route for normal on-foot CTF; bots not too bad but could be better. Sky needs a little help and I've seen it somewhere before. Not a good thing to fall off the platforms, so don't do it.
    - VCTF-CBP3-Refuge >> interesting somewhat wide-open but also somewhat tight VCTF with nice upper crisscrossing route, you need a lot of help to get back to your base with the flag because they seem to gang up on you as soon as you leave the opposing base with the flag.
    - WAR-Industrial >> this map looks really good, but doesn't live up to its playability potential. The bots are terrible and don't help you at all or back you up in certain critical circumstances. It can be a bit cramped for vehicles in spots and you're toast if you try anything on-foot.


      Any chance I can get all the CBP3 Volumes in one torrent or links for direct download?
      for PC