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Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 3

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    At last, the long awaiting is now finish

    I've watch the trailer last week & it's very well done. All the maps & the Rankin skin are looking awesome

    Many THX to all of the people involved on this HQ pack. THX for your hard work everyone


      Just to check, if I installed it correctly (maybe then the issue disappears ;-) ):

      I installed the bonus pack in my documents/ unreal tournament 3

      is this the right installation path?


        giant download has begun, thanks in advance, and i''l post back with any issues/questions!!!


          Great work guys , great work on the installer/uninstaller haarg, this should be a requirement for all mods..


            Great Pack! i can't take demo recordings though of enslaved it says something about missing CBP3-velocity.
            also it has broken the opposing bot faction button for instant action games, which sucks cause i use the teamskin/brightskin mutator


              Looks great. I will have to give it a go...


                Great pack, but just a couple of issues -

                The exe - i find it a bit of a letdown with the "install for me" and "install for everyone" since i run a steam client and failed the install twice because i clicked install for everyone thinking it wouldn't matter, only to find it was installing some files in the wrong places, upon reading the readme.

                This lead me to realise to install DOM i still needed to do this manually, and it was after finished the manual install of DOM from the Zip pack and started playing that I noticed there is still the bug with the Online Play there, so is there perhaps an issue with steam clients?

                But apart from this, excellent work!



                  An interesting idea, although, i personally don't think it works. The main problem is the one way in and out from the flag, which gives an attack a disadvantage, he can't try and trick the other team when he goes to leave.
                  The centre of the map is better, but it's mainly straight, unless you go over the fans. Which is another problem,they have the effect of looking like they blow air upwards, it appears once you jump on, they don't. In fact, you die. So instead of going up like i originally thought, i don't, along with that, bots seem to be stupid, and walk in there without a second thought.
                  Visually its alright, i think it could have done with a bit more when you fly through the city, at the moment you fly past a brightly lit city, and nothing happens to the lighting or post processing to make that more obvious. Would make it a little less dull.


                  This is what CBP3 should be about, something clean and new, nicely done on the style it's not really seen in UT3 The gameplay works well and offers something different from your standard CTF map. Visually i like the candles for lights, not sure how well they work on walls, and because of that look a little odd. there was also one in the blue flag area without the emitter. There was some static meshes i noticed, that looked like they had been placed to cover something up and then not bee thought about, mainly on the sides of slopes as walls that had harsh ends to them. The main problem is the FPS through, it can quite easily jump between 50-150 FPS even thought im still inside just on a different level, or even around a corner. I guess its down to culling and stuff because it's so open, but the major FPS differences hurt the gameplay.


                  Usual DM map, it plays alright, although i found a few visuals here and there that made the decent theme look less interesting. There was a flickering texture above the shield belt, which is quite obvious. There are also several lights that either have the wrong coloured light cone, the wrong coloured light mesh or the wrong coloured light itself, because half of them didn't match up, and look misplaced and as if they weren't bothered with. There is also a lot of lighting colors about in the map and yu can easily pass through several in seconds which doesn't seem so consistent and makes it feel like another map in some cases. The lift which is at an angle and doesn't go completely up to the next platform doesn't re-activate instantly, it takes a second or so before it can be used again, intentional or not, it's annoying. The machinery that kills you if you touch it is a pain as it seems to kill you instantly no matter what, which is amazingly annoying if you have the belt and/or other armour on you, a certain limit would have been better, imo.


                  This plays well, and looks good, it's put together well and seems as if it should be there, although things such as the florescent lights just do not fit in with the theme of the map, if you wanted a contrasted colour why not just have some lights the same style but blue? The portals are nicley done and i like the effects, the boat that sails by every now and again is a nice touch. The one problem i have with this map though is the way the lightning effects are done, it's a great idea, but overdone imo, they could have been done in the same way but without such a dramatic post process change, as it is now, playing with good settings, it hurts the eyes.


                  A nice map that flows together, i like the visual style, and it seems thought out well, im not sure on some areas where there are just pillars splitting the area up, it imo messes with the flow. Didn't find many issues with this one, lighting looks good, although the size of the lights could have possibly been decreased.


                  This is a nice map, although as mentioned by some others, bots could have done with some work. It plays alright, and looks good, but without a vehicle you have a very slim chance of making it alive, which is a problem, as generally that means you have the flag. It's going to require epic teamwork to get out alive here. Also i think that it would have been better if the columns in the middle of the map could have been flown over and landed on, they offer nice places to snipe but are blocked off.


                  A nice map that looks great as usual by KaMi, but scale wise, this thing is huge. And imo, it's a little too big, i think it would play much better if it was smaller,just feels over sized at the moment to me. The slopes around the flag also end a little steep and as a result you take damage in you're in the tank. It plays ok, but if it was smaller i think it would have been better.


                  Another interesting map, and imo again a big one, although because this has a selection of faster vehicles it isn't that bad also even though it's a huge map the layout isn't that confusing and makes it seem shorter.. There are a few problems about it, which i never noticed in the earlier release that i tested most the stuff then got mentioned. But pickup bases, there are a few of these that are sunk into the ground and other that's are raised up. Some sections of this map seem so empty because it's so big. Along with the size problems, pathing could have done with some work, from what i've seen the one way up to the sniper platforms above the flag is via the Fury, a teleport would have been welcomed, or another jump pad. Also as there is no air pathing bots fail miserably at using the fury. One thing that bothers me and now im being picky, is the particle effects where steam is coming out from the broken pipes under ground, it just looks bad. I also walked into a few iffy collisions that required me to jump up and not just walk straight over although they appeared small enough to do so.


                  So another Warfare map from CBP3, the last two have been disappointing, and i've stated my reasons on those before. As an avid Warfare player this game type desperately needs new maps that are good. unfortunately, this one is a let down. The map looks good, although it's a bit downtown style. Problems aren't with the visuals, they are pretty good, except a few things that look out of place such as turret tracks under the power lines. Problem is with the gameplay. First problem is the one way out of the base for larger vehicles. Along with a reverse spawning vehicle in the blue base, a Manta which is a problem that will always annoy players on the blue team as the map doesn't change sides. The prime node is cramped in which means you can't get vehicles to it and makes it heavily DM orientated, until you find out you can get a Hellbender and scorp up easily, and with a bit of work you can maneuver a Tank ro Paladin up there if you're really bothered, and luckily the way down is easy. The centre node is horrible gameplay wise. Whoever caps this first has a very high chance of winning the game because re-capping the node gives you two options if you have the orb, jumppad on the left, or the right, meaning any decent defender will have an orb locking it down and someone with a shock rifle/flak at the ready to destroy your body on its route. Not only that, but who ever has that node is supplied with two tanks, that's something not many people will easily take on and considering the size of the map, pretty much overkill. Bender would have sufficed.
                  Bots happen to play pretty bad here too, because after havign a look in the editor the main walking route from centre to the prime as you go up the steps the entrance into the prime tunnel on your right or left has no pathing through, continue on up towards the sniper and rockets, there is also no pathign across there either. So don't expect bots to help you if you're an offline player. Some places lack pathing others have possibly too much.
                  The yellow windows, seem to be a bit too over saturated and bright too.


                  Without being a huge DOM player, im not sure what plays best and what works. Although, visually this map is nice, and what it does with dynamic elements affecting the gameplay is great and it works well. With some nice visuals through out with some great effects it sure does look good and the spaceship theme isnt really done too much.


                  Obviously this one is again visually awesome. one thing i wasn't sure on is something i also noticed in Cydian, the florescent lights being used, int his map they seem to be scattered about as if they're battery powered or something, again i don't think they fit the theme too well. The 'Necrify' effect as it's now known is great and really works, guaranteed this will be seen in maps to come for some time, it really does set solid it's been captured by the necris. Although i wish it was employed in a Warfare map instead, due to the minimal (if any) amount of players that regularly play DOM with UT3, it enver really took off. The map seems to play well, although it's pretty big.

                  Concussion Field

                  An interesting idea, but it seems overpowered, if you have it on you really do not need to worry about anything, just run around like a headless chicken and you've got you're frags galore. Especially in the map you can camp a DOM point.


                  Again a nice idea, although i wish they had only slightly affected the players dodge distance at the moment i can run faster but dodge the same distance, it feels unnatural.

                  Both pickups have some nice effects, and i find it a shame that they were both only used in Enslaved (afaik) I wish some of the other maps had tested them too.
                  As for the character, i honestly don't care for Custom characters, i haven't downloaded one unless it came with a pack. Like this one, i won't be using Rankin, but either way it looks like a great model well constructed and well textured.

                  I honestly feel that CBP3 has slowly got worse with each volume instead of better. Or maybe i started picking up on more things after learning more in the editor and playing more gametypes. Either way, i doubt i'll be replaying many of these maps due to them not having the solid gameplay that keeps a map alive for a long time, just like the previous packs, i can't think of one i play regularly. It seems these packs only care for the visuals and try to put the gameplay in after, some people will love the pack because they aren't hardcore players and play for fun, or don't care how it plays and looks at the visuals. Some of these are well done pieces of art, other then well done levels.

                  That's my opinion and my feedback, not everyone will think that, but im not going to lie about it


                    DM-Cydian will suffer the same fate Thor did and will not be put on the server. Annoying thunder sounds that are too loud.

                    Framerate slowdown problems. Specs: e8500@3.4, 4850 video, 2G ram.
                    Only map I've played recently that I've dipped below my capped 85fps with world detail off and textures on full. Get really weird tearing at times around the belt with bad artifacts. Unplayable.

                    Nice little map. Unfortunately it's too litle for TDM.

                    Oh well

                    These really should have been beta'd.


                      but why there shut be beta you no howe hart is too get some good feedback here lol
                      back on topic this map map pack is great thx for the great stuff CBP3


                        but why there shut be beta you no howe hart is too get some good feedback here lol
                        back on topic this map map pack is great thx for the great stuff CBP3


                          Fix this for steam users (Domination)


                            I'm getting game crashes as well, but I've only tried to start the new WAR map. And I'm not using Steam.


                              I also had two crashes one in industrial the other in Cydian, although i think that was just my GPU drivers being awesome.

                              Then again it may have been a result of the maps.


                                Everytime, I start DOM-CollisionCourse, the game crashes. DOM-Enslave works well. What can I do to fix this?
                                No idea what would cause that. Maybe deleting your published/cookedPC/localshadercache files would help (that goes for anyone having crashes, really).
                                What if you have the steam version of UT3? Will this be an automatic update through steam? If not, how do I install it manually through steam?
                                Yea, just install it like a normal user would by downloading and running the installer. I honestly don't know exactly how steam works but afaik Haarg made the installer to work with steam. But just use the "install just for me" option if the install for all users doesn't work.

                                Anyone having problems with weird Domination stuff - please try the instructions mentioned on our download/help page (the 9 steps there).
                                I installed the bonus pack in my documents/ unreal tournament 3. is this the right installation path?
                                Depends. Please check the instructions on our download/help page.
                                i can't take demo recordings though of enslaved it says something about missing CBP3-velocity.
                                CBP3-Velocity is the music for the map, and is included with the download... if it is not in your custommaps dir with the map, you need to re-install.