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Prometheus v2.1

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    Prometheus v2.1

    Name: Prometheus
    Version: 2.1
    Compatibility: UT3 patch 2.1 or 2.0
    Description: A single player coop mod. Work with your past and future selves to complete your objective.
    - Fixed quantum states sometimes missing triggers.
    - Fixed quantum state weapon fire inaccuracy.
    - Improved quantum state movement accuracy.
    - Fixed using Stop on Vault breaking the game.
    - Fixed being able to use BehindView and other functions like ghost.
    - Fixed keybind settings not being read.
    - Added 16:10 display resolutions.
    - Added Invert Y option to the settings.
    - Fixed falling through the cave in Vault.
    - Fixed the Breach auto-doors acting wonky.
    - Fixed doors and elevators often closing misaligned.





    Version 2 of Prometheus includes 10 awards that can be earned by playing through the game and completing certain objectives. Some of the awards that can be earned are:

    There Can Be Only One - Complete a level while killing your other quantum states.

    Obsessive Compulsive - Complete all Challenge Levels.

    Version 2 also includes three Challenge Levels. The goal of the Challenge Levels is to collect all of the Prometheus icons, but they can only be picked up by the Quantum State with the same number.


    Prometheus is:

    Rachel Cordone - Designer, Programmer, Environment Artist
    Jos Hendriks - Level Designer, Environment Artist
    Tobias Danbo - Environment Artist
    Tobias Frank - Character Artist
    Mike Jones - Audio Engineer
    Todd Agnello - Voice Actor
    Mark Chandler - Marketing and PR Advisor


    Filefront - Prometheus v2.1

    Uber Downloading now!


      Fantastic updates, downloading!

      Edit: I finished every levels and collected (almost) every awards in 2.0, is there a way to save that for 2.1?


        Keep your UTPrometheus.ini and overwrite the one that's in the zip.


          Thanks a lot!


            Going to check this out, downloading it now. It looks unique and appears to have a good deal of quality & time put into it, - its usually apparent when someone has talent and enjoys doing it.

            i'll try to post again after i test it and play with it some.

            Thank you for your quality work Angel Mapper.

            Wow, this seems pretty addictive, excellent mod!! I'm thinking that the intellect put into creating the puzzles took more brain-power than the task of solving them.

            One thing i noticed is that by default "UseVsync=false", i have a very high end machine and noted the tearing right away, it was very easy to set to "UseVsync=true in the UTEngine.ini file, it might be neat if you could create a GUI for some additional graphics settings, just a thought though, unless it would be ridiculously difficult and not worth the time of course.

            Bravo on this mod!


              Finally got to try it out. Some feedback on annoyances.

              Don't like the idea having to shoot yourself twice before you die, headshots also don't seem to register either. Think I made the puzzle with a bit less than 1 second to spare because of the "second shot". Players gibbing by design?

              You make very unlady like voices when you get shot. Could use another running animation where you don't keep both hands up.

              PS. How do you use this character in normal UT3?