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UNRZN - Unreasonable Tournament [Final][PC][Pics][Video]

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    Okay actually is meh.
    The flak canon primary fire does no damage ( my friend was right in front of a bot and shooting the bot with it)
    And secondary fire kinda sucks too. :/ If you through a grenade at someone it goes right through them, and if you through it below their feet it bounces somewhere else, making it hard to kill someone with
    The redeemer is now basically the flak canon.
    The sniper rifle thing is cool but it goes to fast to actually aim with it

    The shock rifle is pretty cool, love the giant balls.
    I never got the leech gun but my friend did and says it's really fun to use.
    the new enforcers are good.
    Blob lobber is pretty fun, but doesn't do enough damage. :/


      Originally posted by spacedemonebu View Post
      a couple quick replies:

      i don't think there is a chance of this being compatible with the titan mutator since both need their own player.u files or something.
      I think it's fully compatible if you use Map Mixer.


        Originally posted by Whom massacre you View Post
        I think it's fully compatible if you use Map Mixer.
        What, Mapmixer diff-merges the code for your mutators and recompiles them automatically on the fly?

        I mean, I love the thing, but it's not MAGIC.


          Sorry, it only lets you to select both mutators, but the Titan wins.


            Hadn't seen that you guys picked up a place in the P3 winners...awesome job...Congrats