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    UT3 WebAdmin theme

    Web Theme Carbon



    A totally new theme for the UT3 Web Admin section of UT3

    Comments:Hate the old web theme since the new game face came out so did I.
    Till I made a new one that is using El Meruto's web Design.
    I have made a new and improved web admin panel deserving to fit in with the rest of the theme.
    Please have a look at screen shots and let me know what ya think about it.
    It can be downloaded for anyone wanting to use it free of charge


    Credits:El Meruto for web page design and functions & aceofskys for new skinning

    Homepage: for UT3 Web admin

    And for new UT3 web admin skin carbon

    the chat console is borked with this theme, team names are in black and so you have to highlight them every time someone talks.


      Other then that i like it!


        Originally posted by Harmerty View Post
        Other then that i like it!
        sorry for taking so long to get back to you but my new system took a dump on me i will have a fix shortly as soon as i can sorry for that i couldn't check everything and bla bla bla and so on anyway thanks for finding that for me and letting me know about it i will post a fix or fix it myself as soon as i can thanks again aceofskys
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        ut3 server running multi games and muts at


          It's El Muerte.


            Nice, but what's all the white stuff doing around the blood in the top right corner?


              blood white edge

              i can take the time and reedit it if your don't like it but i didnt if you want me to i will