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    Final v1.0

    UT3 Black + Titan Pack

    Exeter... Desolate and almost in ruins. This swamped mountain forest has been adopted for some flag capturing carnage. Watch out for the deadly river... Lock your enemies in their bases or prevent them from leaving yours.

    This map was my submission into Phase 3 of Epic Games' Make Something Unreal Contest. Gameplay wise, the map features two "UDamage" PickUps, two "Jump-boots" pickups and one "Shield Belt". Layout allows for several routes between bases while keeping the flag room defendable (I hope ).
    The quickest route out of the flag room has a door that can be shut by either touching or shooting a statue trigger located in the flag room. During play testing, bots were usually not hitting this trigger, however, when the trigger is hit, bots know to look for alternate routes.
    The doors in each base can have tactical uses for both teams.
    I hope everyone has fun playing the map.


    Bram Eulaers - Sky Dome and God-Rays Model and Texture


    For those who may have downloaded the file on FilePlanet, please replace with this version as it's more stable and contains fewer bugs.

    I played through it, but I couldn't find the Interocitor.



      BTW "Exeter" was the name of a character in a hokey sci-fi movie that Mystery science theater 3000 made fun of

      Map looks incredible though. Looks very fun from the screens. Ill make sure to download and play it soon. Just waiting to get my video card back from repair.


        Wow the screenshots look amazing. The foliage work with the structures is impressive.


          this map looks mysterious

          Mirror + HD-Video (flyby)



            Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy playing it.

            I just wanted to give a quick update that I am having trouble cooking this for the PS3 so that may be delayed.The map contains some content from the Titan Pack and I hear I'm not the only one having troubles.


              So if there are any bugs people notice please post it here and I can fix it.

              Another bug has just been brought to my attention (something wrong with the door marker navigation).

              I have it set up right now so that when the door is shut bots know to look for an alternate route (which works perfectly) however it seems there is a bug with the door markers where after the door is shut the first time, the navigation points don't get reactivated again. So while bots can look for alternate routes, they don't recognize the original route anymore (if all that made sense ).

              It all seemed to work fine while play testing. Or maybe it chooses to work sometimes and not work at other times.

              Anyways, I am going to work on an alternative to see if it will work. So if there are any bugs worth fixing I can make all those changes together to avoid releasing several times.

              Thanks again


                Looks very nica!


                  D/L Link has been updated on the original post with a new version.

                  The AI issue with the door has been fixed (I hope). Bots still don't always hit the trigger, but WILL find alternate routes if door is closed.

                  There are some other bug fixes with collision, etc. There was also another optimization pass done which helps(thanks KaMi). The overall file size is reduced, too.

                  Thanks again to everyone.

                  ***File has the same file name so download will replace any previous versions of the file (MSUC or first release)


                    Decent layout with many possible base entrances/exits and definitely use them because the bots don't; although, the bots are actually rather decent in this one. Defend your base using the horse, he is your friend. I liked the atmosphere, but I didn't like dying when I wanted to take a drink of water. The sky needs a bit more work and the green can be a little overpowering.