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DM-OriensForest [PC] [PS3] [Pics]

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    DM-OriensForest [PC] [PS3] [Pics]

    Name: DM-OriensForest

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: PC & PS3
    (please let me know how ps3 version works, as I don't have a ps3)

    Description: DM-OriensForest

    Comments: Small circular DM map, supports up to 6 players, 2-4 is ideal.
    Some custom static meshes.

    Screenshot: see below

    Credits: Everyone who helped me by giving feedback on the beta. Thanks!

    Beta Fixes:
    - Replaced the trees
    - Added more grass and rocks
    - Fixed blocking volumes
    - Reworked lights
    - Added more detail vegetation and extra props


    Download PS3:

    Download PC:

    Original Concept:

    Unreal 3 Screenshots:


    looks promising!


      Looks like a promising nature map, the lighting could use a little more oomph though.
      Well, nothing special I guess, I wish could have caught this as a beta, the visuals could have been something special. but as it stands this map is slightly below average.


        Wael: Feedback is still useful

        More input?


          Gorgeous looking map, any chance of ps3 cook please?



            Hey Kat,

            Thanks you.

            I will release the PS 3 version later this week.


              Updated with PS3 version.

              Download PS3:


              Download PC:


              Let me know how ps3 version works, as I don't have a ps3


                Now downloading it for ps3 . Looks lovely. Will post how it runs.


                  Whoop! (jumps up and down) - Thanks Alex, will dl and feedback appropriately!!!



                    Edit - downloaded and tested last night alex - SUPERB. Excellent flow, nice placement of weapons, love the fallen tree bridges. 10/10. Thanks very much for the cook!



                      Yep very nice map indeed. Nice and small but still alot to it. Kudos!!!!


                        Nice map! I love natural landscape stuff like this.

                        I've added it to the Mapraider catalog with a couple of additional mirrors, FYI:



                          PS3 cook runs great. Really like the outdoor theme...very serene.

                          There's a few graphical areas that might need correction:
                          -The two oak trees (the bark looks like an oak) to the left of the Invis spawn have a certain side at the base that you can partially enter in and see to the other side (weapon fire doesn't pass though).
                          -The oak tree in the corner to the left of the log bridge also has a side at the base you can partially enter.
                          -There's a row of foliage (grass) at the base of the log bridge stump facing the cliff side that appears to be floating rather than following the contour of the ground.


                            Thanks Kat and Owen!

                            Thank you FreakinMeany for adding the mirrors.

                            Kurlon, great feedback. Thank you for the list.

                            I really appreciate it.


                              Originally posted by wael View Post
                              Looks like a promising nature map, the lighting could use a little more oomph though.

                              ...the visuals could have been something special.
                              Originally posted by FreakinMeany View Post
                              I love natural landscape stuff like this.
                              Agreed with both, to a degree. I do like natural looking outdoorsy maps and there aren't enough of them for UT 3. The layout is good for the most part, though I would have like a bit more variation in the z-axis in the middle. I think it's obvious, but the fallen tree looks really cool.

                              Like wael stated, the lighting needs more "oomph". Mainly, there isn't enough contrast/shadows between the areas that should be receiving direct light from the sun and the shadow areas.

                              You might want to add a skylight (For most, if not all maps, I tend to see this as a necessity. You can also set different light brightness and color for the lighting coming from the sky and the "ground". Be sure to start with a really low value and adjust as needed. You might want to give it a bit more color (yellow). If you were to place the "sun's" directional light so it's shining directly into the playing areas (but at an angle), you would light up more areas where the players will actually be (and just as important, will see). This will give you some better contrast between the lit and shadowed areas.

                              There are assorted foliage (grass, vines, the "trees on a plane", etc) that shouldn't be set to cast a shadow as these won't take into account, that there are visible holes in the texture, but not the mesh.

                              The mesh for the lower water fall is set to block everything. It won't effect game play, but that sure is some tough water.

                              The grass growing out of the solid rock looks a bit out of place.

                              I would place a water volume along your river to add the water footstep sounds and the splashing when you shoot and run though it.

                              You can really help frame rates be "eliminating" a lot of terrain that they player will never see. This includes the top, sides, and the bottom (in the water). This will also reduce the light map size for your terrain. There fore, you can probably increase the terrain's lightmap resolution and get some nicer
                              shadows on the terrain?

                              You might want to add a post processing volume and tweak that to help add some "oomph" to the colors (with out going crazy). No need to add bloom and especially depth of field. But focus on tweaking the "scene" values at the end of the properties.

                              I would also convert the BSP brush that you are using for the water into a static mesh. It might be a little easier to render. But, you can set it to not cast a shadow (as a mesh), which will help in optimizing the map a bit more.

                              Hope this helps.