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UT3 Model Skaarj v.1.04 + 1.05 U2 Skaarj pack [Pics][PC][FINAL][DOWNLOAD]

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  • UT3 Model Skaarj v.1.04 + 1.05 U2 Skaarj pack [Pics][PC][FINAL][DOWNLOAD]

    Version: 1.04 + 1.05 update

    UT3 Skaarj Player Model
    Manual Install, no .MSI installer
    Categories: Best Character/Customization pack

    Every Unreal gamer knows who the Skaarj is, now they are out for UT3. Completely custom model made by me Charles Jones (EvilEngine) and my co-author John Inman (AgentX). Together we put our talents together to see what we could do in two weeks and heres our results. We promise to continue development on this species and model to make sure it gets better over time.
    Currently has a custom faction, first person arms, physics, and materials. As well as custom sounds.
    You will need the newest patch and a decent system to see everything at its highest settings.


    Thanks to HideInLight and Buffy for testing out the 1.04 version update, to help squash a very annoying PHYSX bug that was crashing randomly for certain people, myself included.
    Now that this bug is out of the way now we can continue to add more characters in seperate packages and allow this one to be left alone. That means much smaller downloads if you want to add more Skaarj.
    Share this pack with all your favorite websites , just post here the link so I can add it to the mirrors. Thanks!

    Heres some videos I put on Youtube of these guys in action. Sorry no sound.
    And heres one of a skaarj i put together earlier on, maybe I can add that one later. Sort of a Krall/Skaarj Hybrid.

    And heres the 1.05 update that includes the Unreal2 Skaarj.

    Just make sure you have 1.04 installed before you install either of these. Choose either the manual or installer versions, both do the same thing.
    The three new characters will be selectable in the Skaarj Faction list. All three have Razik arm attachments that can be toggled on for each arm under the customize screen where it says "Toggle Shoulder Type". Theres no extra body parts for the models, just what you see is what you get. Teamskins included.
    More skin variations like green and yellow will come later.
    Have fun.

  • #2
    You made a lot of people very happy with this Nice work!


    • #3
      Awesome work guys!


      • #4
        hmmm the body and textures looks great but i don't like the head and tail of this model looks like not a skaarj for me!

        fo example i like the head from Dominator (UT2k4) (Image)


        • #5
          Alright now this is awesome.


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            looks badass

            so nice to see the unreal community still producing quality stuff, even though not that many people play the game. I hope the next installment in the series (if there is one) is more successful.


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              Originally posted by Terror_Force View Post
              hmmm the body and textures looks great but i don't like the head and tail of this model looks like not a skaarj for me!

              fo example i like the head from Dominator (UT2k4) (Image)
              This is just one version. Yes hes radically different from what your used to, but we wanted to test the waters how people would feel about just a little change.
              People, like Reptiles all range in design and we felt the Skaarj would have adapted in the same way. We will have remakes of the original skaarj heads in the next release though for all you diehards. We took a risk yes, but its gonna be ok in the longrun becuase everyone will get what they want.

              Epic had a hidden Skaarj model in an early Unreal2 beta, we will try to bring some of this back to the game too.


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                Looks like the Skaarj interbred with Triceratops and lightning rods... Nice, clean model, though.


                • #9
                  I've awaited something like this for long, and someone finally made it. Wait, EvilEngine made it!


                  • #10
                    This is awesome! Thanks! Damn, now you have me holding my breath for the next release with the voices etc.!


                    • #11
                      Not sure what's going on with the Triceratops frill, and not really sold on the pouty/Who (think Grinch...) jaw. There're a few other stylistic things I might mention, but ...

                      Good quality as always, from what I can tell, and it's always nice to see the Skaarj still alive in some form.


                      • #12
                        Outstanding as always EE, I see your Evil magic doesn't run out. Hats off to you.


                        • #13
                          great work man................


                          • #14
                            EE testing the waters with this concept model was a great idea idk y but though thats not the look everyone is used to im strangely drawn to kno more about this breed of skaarj now... great model as always to u and ya partner hats off!!!!!


                            • #15
                              EE and AgentX good work on the model