Name: CTF-OptiExtract
Compatibility: Prepared with UT3 patch 2.1
Comments: You may recall the name from late last year, though this one's new and redone and revamped for the MSUC contest. It's largely intended for multiplayer, though bots are also completely supported. This one's actually built off of BR-OptiExtract (for UT3 Bombing Run), then given some CTF touches, and released as a much better map. And yes, it's a very simple map, though aren't most online maps like that? And this map was built for enjoyment. I've spruced it up and given it flair, though it's still made for the gameplay. So have fun and enjoy!

NOTE: These are uncooked files, reason being I could not get them to cook correctly. You can cook it yourself if you'd like, though the only consequence is larger file size and longer load times and should not have any performance effects.