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DM-Restrict [v1] [Screens] [PC]

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    DM-Restrict [v1] [Screens] [PC]


    Click for bigger and better shots.

    Version: Final v1
    Compatibility: Patch 2.1 & Titan Pack (Required)

    Description: Abandoned, all by some bums who sleep overnight, this testing facility, deserted after a meltdown at a near by necluar plant. Left to be overcome by nature, plants have grown into where they should have never been due to the constant filtered water. The area now deemed radiation free has been left unnatended, to the memories of those who suffered, and only those brave enough to disturb what once existed are sent back to hell. No rest for the wicked here.

    Comments: Designed for tight and faced pace DM action, with some areas for a frag fest. Originally designed for Duel to 2v2 TDM, although 4v4 can be a good bit of fun.

    Started this map three weeks (24/04/2009) back with a crazy, insane, stupid, yet possible ambition to have something for MSUC Phase 3, and i did it, there might be a few minor things, but i haven't found anything major. If there is however it may get fixed.

    Player Count: 2 - 8

    +Epic for UnrealEd and UT3
    +Alpha Testers/Early Feedback - Nammo, Bi()ha2ard, Drummer.unr, Ignotium, ScHlAuChi
    +BETA Testers - Nammo, Fijut, Hybridworld, Euxeus, Bi()ha2ard, Drummer.unr, Ignotium, XYZ8000 and all those that gave feedback in the forums
    +Drevlin for the lightray mesh info
    +KaMi and Spoondog for some custom meshes (brick pipes and 4 part pipes)


    Review: UTUnlimited :: 92/100


    Own FTP - 44.3MB .rar
    Bi0's FTP thanks - 44.3MB .rar
    UTZone - 44.3MB .rar
    Fileplanet - 44.3MB .rar
    FileFront - 44.3MB .rar
    Strategy Informer - .rar

    PS3 Cook won't come sorry, it won't cook as it has titan content in..

    Change Log:
    a1 - First Release (private)
    Date: 24/04/2009
    - BSP Only, playtest
    - Basic Bot pathing
    a2 - (private)
    Date: 29/04/2009
    - Started meshing.
    - Changed weapon layout
    - Replaced Thigh pads with UDamage
    - increased size of crate Chest armour is on
    - Modified lift speed
    - Added route between brige and air vent opening
    - Set pipes/fans near sniper further back into wall
    - Added some custom meshes
      +LightBeam mesh (Thanks to Drevlin for the tip)
      +Lamp Shade mesh
      +Pipe Corners (Thanks SpoonDog)
    - Created several custom emitters 
      +Pouring Water with Collision
      +Pouring Water with Steam with collision
      +Liquid Nitrogen style steam (falls down) with collision
      +Rising Steam with collision
      +Water drip followed by splash
      +Modified stock emitter to have water ripple/splashes only, no drips
    - Created BSP mesh fence pattern to give better collision and shadows from the standard mesh
    - Created Grate from multiple meshes for better shadows.
    - Matinee'd moving, flickering light on water drop splash at stinger
    a3 - (private)
    Date: 04/05/2009
    - Added helmet
    - Added a roof over shock area
    - Fixed lighting on down spotlights
    - More meshing
    - Fixed blocking on pipes in air vent
    - Added shorter route to sniper via pipes from stairs
    - Modified emitters
    - Tweaked Post Processing
    - Added Height Fog
    - Added Dynamic lights for Water reflections
    - Added some more custom meshes
      +PipeBrick(Curved) (Thanks KaMi)
      +Drain pipe
    - Added custom sounds for Fly emitters and water drip
    - Set many meshes onto light maps for quality shadows
    B1 - (public)
    Date: 10/05/2009
    - Replaced Helmet with Thigh Pads
    - Removed UDamage lighting due to terrible FPS drops
    - Modified Orange lighting to be deeper and warmer
    - Removed pillar at Chest armour, added 4 smaller ones
    - Moved Link Gun corridor back slightly to allow for meshes to fit
    - Removed pillar at Flak, added a tree
    - Added terrain at Flak
    - Modified Lift speed to make sure you don't hit the roof
    - Moved pipes and tanks at bio outwards, placed wall inbetween them and belt
    - Added Yellow lighting at belt, air vent and low rockets, to give some variation.
    - Modified several stock materials to have moss on them.
    - Re-applied materials on certain meshes; 
    top level walls are bricked, with the odd window;
    middle level is Concrete;
    lower level is plastered brick.
    - Modified skylight and directional lights.
    - Added bounce lights for sun.
    - Tweaked Post Processing for more contrast and modified light radius, brightness accordingly.
    - Improved Bot Pathing all routes now used.
    - Matinee'd another flicking light in room with broken wall at rockets.
    - Added more spawn points (two per weapon now)
    - Added some Decals about a few places
    - Started placing ambient sounds
    - Added basic Culling Volume
    - Modified some collisions on certain meshes
    - More deco meshes
    - Imported more custom meshes Lots of rain cubes, for wip rain sequence
    - Light mapped more meshes for shadows and lighting
    Final - (public) - MSUC P3 Entrant
    Date: 15/05/2009
    - Fixed some agressive culling
    - Adjust culling volume slightly.
    - Culled many more meshes individually as culling volumes are a pain
    - Added some Occluding meshes behind walls
    - Added some fog/haze around the wall lights without shades.
    - Fixed a slight gap you could see into behind a wall at jumppad
    - Set certain meshes to not appear on low settings (lightrays, some particle emitters, light haze)
    - Modified culling on particles
    - Added collision on top of pipes above Bio
    - Fixed collisions on trim on the walls at shield belt
    - Fixed collision on a brick pillar you could walk through
    - Added more railing meshes above shock so you can't see the end
    - Removed uncessecary collisions
    - Tweaked collision on the tree so you can't stand on it
    - Modified, and lowered volume of water drip sound
    - Modified some lighting for better shadows through the chainlink fence
    - Modified and lightmapped a few meshes for better shadows
    - Removed Surface Materials on several unseen BSP surfaces
    - Slightly lowered blocking volume aboce the top of the level
    - Added Godrays
    - Tweaked decals for performance.
    - Detailed/meshed up the end of stinger corridor at flak end.
    - Detailed/Meshed up area below rockets.
    - Terrain texturing done and added foliage.
    - Meshed up the lift, also added dynamic blocking volume so you can't get under it.
    - More deco stuff scattered around.
    - Removed water caustic lights and replaced with decals for performance
    - Modified cable length on lights so they don't go past the beam
    - Changed materials on some meshes that were missed
    - Trimmed a few hard edges of BSP
    - Added a bin fire, used to warm the players marshmallows during breaks or used by bums...
    - Modified a few more lights
    - Added some emitters and a counter weight to the lift.
    - Removed one vial at Udamage and spread the other two apart.
    - Rain, Thunder, Puddles, Awesomness
    Final v1 - (public)
    Date: 16/05/2009
    - Fixed Rain volume
    - Fixed a flickering texture at jump pad
    - Fixed PP

    Hey CB, list of changes from B1?


      great map downloading


        Great layout but rain sound is overwhelming (ihmo.....i can't listen to my weapons :|).


          Well going off the quality off your last maps - this is going to be siht........ HOT


            There is this deafening sound after I've been playing for about a minute, then it stops for a while and then it's there again! I think your keyboard got stuck when you were tweaking your sound volume somewhere like so what you thought was "2" became "222222" right


              Due to everyones sound being different is obviously useless. Setting it up it was always too quiet

              Change list is in the download.

              Going to get some better screens up, possibly drop that rain sound too.


                Experienciencing the same sound issues as the above posters^
                Also thought the plethora of enviromental sounds was a little dissorientating. Very nicely put together, and the dynamic weather efffects are among the nicest I've seen done. The lighting works very well for defining the layout, and looks very nice in places, especialy in the AMP area and the upper floor when its sunny. Perhaps just personal prefrence but I found some of the hot-cold contrasts a little too extreme, giving me too much visual information, overridding the clever contrasts that draw your eye around the architecture. I like the ceiling mounted AMP, Im surprised more maps dont play around with different mountings, especialy after OceanRelic, since can work in some cool gameplay features. btw is it possible to mount items on walls or only z-axis?
                Sure the layout is solid, felt just slightly cluttered in places with all the pillars n pipes, but sure will play well. Nice job. Btw, the tree setting reminded me of BloodMoney :P


                  will give this one a go after I do some stuff round the house, but I know its a great map. I was involved j/k


                    ok guys, map download updated.

                    I really don't know why it's so loud, my end it's quiet, the volume was at 1 and 1.5, now they're at .35 and .4. And it's defiantly quieter.

                    Anyone that downloaded the old one update

                    More mirrors otw along with Screens and a PS3 cook.


                      Not Found

                      The requested URL /DM-Restrict_v1.rar was not found on this server.
                      hmmmm file is missing


                        Excellent map. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and the gameplay offers many, many possibilities. However, I can't help throwing my complain among other people's about the rain sounds


                          Sorry, Link Fixed and fileplanet added.

                          Firmament, if you re-download you should have a much quieter rain And thanks, glad you like it.


                            failzy <3



                              awsome work as usual :P

                              Originally posted by lowenz View Post
                              Great layout but rain sound is overwhelming (ihmo.....i can't listen to my weapons :|).
                              esc -> settings -> audio

                              move effects slider to the right and ambient slider to the left. fixed.