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CTF-DragonScale [MSUC Release ver. 1.0][Screens][DL]

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    CTF-DragonScale [MSUC Release ver. 1.0][Screens][DL]

    Name: DragonScale
    Version: 1.0 Final Release
    Compatibility: UT3 2.0 (no Titan Pack add-ons used)
    Description: DragonScale one, simple training ground of Izanagi on Earth. This simple battle place is most favorite for Izanagi commanders. It's last training, before giving trooper the knowledge of vehicle control. Here soldiers have to learn how to avoid fire from master of turret, and team must cooperate too, other way it lose. Of course turret mech, can be hijacked or destroyed by Redeemer, which fighter need to find. This training is really hard and difficult, and that's the reason why Izanagi Corporation has so great tactics and commanders on the battlefield... In this place recruits, learn truly and hardly, how to win not only by pushing the trigger of gun.


    Video: (thanks for

    • Epic Games
    • CauldronBorn for his orginal level from RuneGame
    • Hourences for his tutorials, which help me to figureout in UnrealEd
    • Sjosz for his support as mapper and nice talking time
    • Odedge for his support as player, his help about optimizing, was priceless

    Changes from original level by CauldronBorn:
    - Terrain is more flat, in original base were higher so that made an rivel valley effect... I change it, cause of few reasons: first original was for hack'n'slash game, and second original level was smaller...
    - Modified River shape, here we have some sort of waterfall and small ait with weapon located...
    - House with teleporter to turret and turret itself is my add-on, for diversification of game play...

    Changes from Beta 1:
    - Improved sky lighting, instead of one SpotLight, 5 DirectionalLights...
    - Improved BlockingVolumes on Rock Meshes around the area...
    - Added mountains in further plane of skybox...
    - Added Health Vials and Medium Heath
    - Added Flag and Team Lights on front of the base...
    - More Decoration Meshes Inside Bases...

    Changes from Beta 2 and RC 1:
    - Improved sky lighting, to final - more Directional Lights, and SkyLight for ambient light overall
    - Raised level of difficulty in game...
    - Less places of weapons in base, and more around whole map...
    - Less ammo for difficulty...
    - Switched places of powerups and armors elements
    - Added more ways for bots
    - Optimized amount of SpeedTrees more visible on map, and better framerate...
    - Optimized FoliageFactory Volumes


    From your screenshots the lighting and theme look pretty good. Downloading now.


      Mirror + HD-Video


        Thank you very much for Mirror and another preview of level...


          Good work! I'll be testing this on our servers for sure.


            First of all great map! i was wondering if anyone did some extra testing for you? i'd like to offer some input, this isn't to pick your fine work apart, if anything constructive feedback.

            1. Did you notice the issue with the bot pathing where they get stuck on high side of the base wall jumping over and over in the middle area? I took some screen shots but have to run, i'll upload them later if your interested.

            2. Did you notice the lights above the jump pads in the bases to the snipe / flag drop area will block someone if they circle around and do not approach the pads from the outside?

            3. The haze/fog doesn't do the outstanding level design justice, personally i would have removed it (just my preference) its a great looking map, nice layout and design, it scales well, good lighting, etc.