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Orbital Debris DM/TDM/CTF/WAR (PS3 link up!)

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    Orbital Debris DM/TDM/CTF/WAR (PS3 link up!)

    Lords with Swords is proud to present

    Station E220602, forward assault and supply station for Liandri fleets in the vector quadrant. Originally its purpose was to fuel supply lines in the continual war against the Necris and Krall. Shortly after the partially constructed station went online a surprise attack by the Krall has left it decimated and in pieces. Scavengers from the nearby planet have landed on the remaining hulk of the station scrambling to grab any remaining fuel and munitions before the Krall, or the Necris, return to finish the station for good. Unfortunately for them the Liandri have decided to use the station as a testing ground for their new Titan technology....

    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: Patch 2+ , also requires the Titan pack!
    Description: Low gravity map based on a spacestation! Comes in normal DM/TDM and Warfare flavours.
    Credits: Various members of the {BFG} Clan (you know who you are! ), Odedge, Fragtastic, Stevelois, and Epic for making this game!!

    Download Here:
    DM/TDM: MediaFire FilePlanet
    Warfare: FileFactory FilePlanet
    CTF/Greed: MediaFire
    PS3 DM/TDM: MediaFire

    • This map was made for the Titan mutator!
    • Warfare setup is 2 cores with one central node.
    • Includes all weapons and pickups except jumpboots and has 1 Goliath tank!
    • It has some optimization for slower PC's so hopefully the framerate is OK!
    • 12-20 players (16-18 recommended)
    • Has custom music written by a m8!
    • Currently only the DM version is available for the PS3!

    Hope you like the map!


    original, fun and superb

    will try the war version asap .... good job on the DM

    thanks for ur work and good luck for msu contest


      Downloading war type as I type. Looks good.


        Looks very impressive

        Might have to put a titan game profile on the server for this baby


          Nice job L_PS. Does this map complete your series?

          Overall, the map looks nice and has good visuals as well. I really like the destroyed atmosphere. Is it me or do you have 2 low gravity settings? If so, nice touch as it makes more sense and I actually like the low gravity that is "indoors". If not, just call me crazy.

          I do like that you kept the tank in the map (did I just type that?) as it adds a nice twist, while still keeping it a DM map. There are a few things that could have been cleaned up, but nothing major. The only thing I really didn't like is some of the multi-colored rooms. It just seems like there are too many colors in one area.

          Anyways, the map turned out nice and am looking forward to a Greed version as well.


            Thanx for the comments!

            Yes you are correct there is two different levels of gravity. The indoor areas have a slightly higher gravity setting, whereas the open areas have lower gravity to help with those long jumps over the Goliath.

            I'm glad to hear you like the Goliath in there. I find it quite a fun challenge to go against and rarely use it myself. Against a Titan it's pure bait!

            I'm happy that I managed to keep decent framerate with it as well.


              i now downloading dm version. thanks in advance, just seeing lord porksword and the word orbital mnakes me all warm fuzzy inside.


                CTF/Greed version now up! See 1st post!


                  thank you !

                  I really enjoying this map !


                    Glad to hear you like it Buffy!


                      Pretty good map
                      Cheers fr the sub


                        Cheers for the review and mapping tips Firefly!

                        Spot on with the CTF thoughts hence the CTF(and WAR) variants for folks who prefer them gametypes.
                        The CTF version is more for Greed but I've enjoyed the CTF games I've played on it.

                        Regarding the exterior I left it bare as normally you wouldn't see it much and I wanted to keep performance as high as possible.

                        I didn't disable the teleporter in the CTF version but sorta think maybe I should as it's a quick run to home base...any thoughts on this anyone?

                        @Odedge - There will be atleast one more low-grav Orbital map. My clan is after smaller DM maps so I'll be tackling a 4 maybe 8 player map! Before that though I'll be returning to my Glacial warfare map which will get a name change as Glacial has now been used by someone else.
                        For those interested - Screenies here:


                          Originally posted by Lord_PorkSword View Post
                          @Odedge - There will be atleast one more low-grav Orbital map. My clan is after smaller DM maps so I'll be tackling a 4 maybe 8 player map!
                          Cool to hear. For what it's worth, I really like the "low gravity" in the interiors of the map as it gave you some more movement, with out feeling like your were stuck in quick sand.


                            Damm how did i miss the release.
                            LOL. downloading mate, ive been waiting on this.


                              Been lovely to have been along for the ride, over the developement of this map, to see it turn into something so sweet looking. Congrats on another fine map LP. Looking fwd to the next one