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    Originally posted by nenad pazanin View Post

    Thanks again Terror_Force
    (hope it is not nitpicking-you didn't show dungeon with tomb)


      PS3 cook plays great...even w/ the rain effects there was no slowdowns.
      My only gripe is like DM-Anor sometimes the shadows crush any details in the weapon view.

      Still thanks for a great map and the PS3 cook.
      BTW I'll write up a summary and upload the draft to for both this and Dm-Anor.


        Wow looks amazing Lot of very good competition in this contest

        My card is currently involved in an RMA so I cant play it yet. Ill make sure to when I get it back


          This plays very well and the setting is cool. Really love the sky.


            Is there a way to get the sniper without jump boots? It's still tricky even with them.

            The map is great all the way around. Really like it.

            The only problem is the size of some of these MSUC maps. I know you guys want them pretty for the contest, but I'm just afraid people won't wait that long to download the map when playing online.

            Thanks and good luck!


              Players are going to get very frustrated when trying to get the sniper, as most will not study the map offline first. They'll get continually owned trying to get it, or by someone that already has it. It's a little too challenging for it's own good

              It would be really nice if the lift under the rocket launcher would lift jump you to the rocket launcher, as there doesn't seem to be enough ways to get on that second level. It would flow better that way.

              Edit: I just realized this isn't the beta section so I'll reserve further comment. It would've been nice if you put the map in the beta section first


                I've only run through this map in instant action but the atmosphere and visuals are awesome.. The audio is great too, I love the occasional loud thundercrack. When it starts to rain I actually start feeling cold hehe

                Well done, will play this a lot


                  The map is great, but there are on some places some bugs, you cant see your own shoots...see the pics below


                    Gorgeous Map Nenad, plays perfect on PS3, titans included! Good luck with the MSUC contest.

                    Kind Regards,


                      please post your map on filefront.
                      It will make it allot easier for all of us to download it.


                        I really like castle/ruin maps and this one doesn't disappoint. I like the dark stone textures as they go well against the sun's light. The game is also solid, with a variety of places to go.

                        This one is a keeper.


                          Finally played it

                          Very original & atmospheric map. I love the layout. The gameplay is great. The visual aspect as long as the audio aspect are very well done. The subtle PP effect is also very nice

                          I saw some little things here & there & also some things that can be made in the optimization department. If you intent to publish another version, let me know & I'll sent ya a PM. But still, this is a **** nice map, a must

                          THX for your unique work & good luck for phase 3


                            it's awesome!!


                              Excellent map - fast, frantic and bags of atmosphere, definitely a keeper

                              Thanks for making available for PS3


                                this is so cool, I already had it.