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Enhanced Weapons Version 1.0 + Patch1.0

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    Enhanced Weapons Version 1.0 + Patch1.0

    Name: Enhanced Weapons
    Version: Version 1.0
    Compatibility: UT3 (PC) Patch5 & Titan Pack
    Description: Enhanced versions of the stock weapons with a few new weapon classes.
    All Weapons have team colored skins except for the EMP-Avril, Swarm Avril, Scorcher, Link Gun, PPC Cannon, & Redeemer.

    Enhanced Plasma Cannon: Fires rapid small plasma with a spread for the primary, & the alt fire shoot a big plasma ball perfectly straight. The Enhanced Plasma Cannon has unlimited ammo.

    Enhanced Enforcer: Tweaked damage, new sounds.

    Enhanced BioRifle: Does no self damage.

    Enhanced Flak Cannon: Fires team colored shards. The center (white) shard will spike people to walls and ceilings. New sounds.

    Enhanced LinkGun: New effects & sounds. Tweaked primary damage.

    Enhanced ShockRifle: Team colored beams and shock balls. New Sounds. Shock ball has increased vehicle momentum to knock vehicles away from you. Shock beam has a reverse momentum to pull things towards you. Pull players towards you or even pull a Manta to you.

    Enhanced RocketLauncher: New explosion effect. New sounds. Explosion shakes screen when rockets hit you or near you.

    Enhanced Bio-Stinger: Primary is stock and the alt fire shoots rapid fire bio goo that does no self damage. New sounds.

    Enhanced Hyper-Sonic Kinetic Energy Rail Gun: Scoped Rail Gun fires a hyper velocity stinger shard that can spike people to walls. If an enemy player is standing directly behind another and you head shot the one in the front, its possible to hit them both getting a double head shot. New sounds.

    Enhanced Redeemer: Flies twice as fast, has twice the damage radius, does 10 times the damage, and makes a huge mushroom cloud. Has the ability to annihilate an entire enemy base. New sounds.

    Enhanced EMP-Avril: Does less damage than the stock Avril but has the ability to lock vehicles ejecting the driver. The key is hitting the vehicle in the right place to lock it. If vehicles are close together it can lock multiple vehicles at once. New sounds.

    Swarm Avril: Fires 9 mini Avrils at once. It takes a couple seconds to lock on target so its best to fire it straight up then lock on your target. The sound of 9 Avril locks usually scares the enemy out of their vehicles before the swarm ever reaches them even if they're high in a Raptor or Cicada.

    PPC Cannon: Alternate Super Weapon. Fires a big green ball of death. Nothing can stop it once fired. Does the same damage and damage radius as the Enhanced Redeemer.

    Enhanced Scorcher: Flamethrower primary fires a stream of flaming death towards your enemies. The alt fire charges (like the bio rifle) a blob of molten lava that will kill enemies in one hit.

    Use the stock Weapon Replacement Mutator to use these weapons.

    Placeholder System: Placeholders are "dummy" classes put directly into the map and are replaced with the real classes with the Weapon Replacement Mutator.
    Placeholder Classes: PPCPlaceHolder.u, EMPAvrilPlaceHolder.u, & SwarmAvril.u


    Credits: Rumple, & everyone at Hedsteem for testing, & suggestions.

    Bonus Content: All gametypes Hoverboard with 3 horns and team skins. You can link to other hoverboards (up to 2 links per board).

    Titan Mutator for custom weapons: Same as the stock Titan but works with the weapon replacement mutator.

    For those having trouble setting up the weapon replacement mutator go to your MyDocuments/My Games/ Unreal Tournament3/UTGame/Config folder and open the UTGame configuration file in Windows Notepad. Scroll down to [UTGame.UTMutator_WeaponReplacement] and paste this then save the file:

    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_PPCPlaceHol der",NewClassPath="PPC.UTWeap_PPC")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_EMPAvrilPla ceHolder",NewClassPath="EMPAvrilC.UTWeap_EMPAvrilC ")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_RocketLaunc her",NewClassPath="RLA.UTWeap_EHRocketLauncher")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_BioRifle_Co ntent",NewClassPath="EHScorcher.UTWeap_EHScorcher_ Content")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_FlakCannon" ,NewClassPath="EHFlak.UTWeap_EHFlakCannon")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_SniperRifle ",NewClassPath="EHSniperB.UTWeap_EHSniperB")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_LinkGun",Ne wClassPath="EHLink.UTWeap_EHLinkGun")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_ImpactHamme r",NewClassPath="EHIH.UTWeap_EHImpactHammer")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_Enforcer",N ewClassPath="EnforcerA.UTWeap_EnforcerA")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_ShockRifle" ,NewClassPath="EHShock.UTWeap_EHShockRifle")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_Stinger",Ne wClassPath="BioStinger.UTWeap_BioStinger")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_Avril_Conte nt",NewClassPath="EMPAvrilC.UTWeap_EMPAvrilC")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_Redeemer_Co ntent",NewClassPath="EHRedeemerII.UTWeap_EHRedeeme rII")
    WeaponsToReplace=(OldClassName="UTWeap_SwarmAvril_ Content",NewClassPath="SwarmAvrilB.UTWeap_SwarmAvr ilB_Content")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_SwarmAVRiL",Ne wClassPath="SwarmAvrilB.UTAmmo_SwarmAVRiLB")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName=,NewClassPath="EMPAvri lC.UTAmmo_EMPAVRiLC")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_RocketLauncher ",NewClassPath="RLA.UTAmmo_EHRocketLauncher")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_BioRifle_Conte nt",NewClassPath="EHScorcher.UTAmmo_EHScorcher_C on tent")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_FlakCannon",Ne wClassPath="EHFlak.UTAmmo_EHFlakCannon")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_SniperRifle",N ewClassPath="EHSniperB.UTAmmo_EHSniperB")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_LinkGun",NewCl assPath="EHLink.UTAmmo_EHLinkGun")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_Enforcer",NewC lassPath="EnforcerA.UTAmmo_EnforcerA")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_ShockRifle",Ne wClassPath="EHShock.UTAmmo_EHShockRifle")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_Stinger",NewCl assPath="BioStinger.UTAmmo_BioStinger")
    AmmoToReplace=(OldClassName="UTAmmo_AVRiL",NewClas sPath="EMPAvrilC.UTAmmo_EMPAVRiLC")

    Download 1:
    Download 2:

    Patch1.0 (missing RLA.u file for Enhanced Rocket Launcher):

    You guys are in for a treat!!! Enjoy!!!!


      Excellent, this is sure to get more people playing UT3.


        Oh yeah! You guys can play these weapons on Hedsteem's many servers.


          WOW!!! Downloading while I'm typing!!!

          Just one question... is the Enhanced Hyper-Sonic Kinetic Energy Rail Gun (now that's a name!!!) behave like the good ol' Rail Gun from Quake III?

          Anyway, I'm about to test all of them!!!


          Ok, after a few games with all these weapons I have to say that this is one of the most completes custom weapon package I ever tried!!!

          All of them works pretty good, the fire rates and damages are well balanced and the new sounds are pretty good.

          But, where is the Enhanced Hyper-Sonic Kinetic Energy Rail Gun?

          Sure I have the .ini file right in place with all the description and settings but I can't find the other files, I've checked all the mutator list and weapons with the Weapons Replacement and there's nothing, nada, zero... so, where's this weapon?

          I thought, "geez... with a name like that it must be one hell of a weapon" but seems like you forgot to add those files to the package or something like that.

          Well, that's for the Enhanced Hyper-Sonic Kinetic Energy Rail Gun... now let's talk about the Enhanced Impact Hammer... I don't know if I unpacked the files in a wrong way but since the installation of your weapon package I'm getting this freaking message every time I run the game... any clues on what is going on with this?

          As I said before, the weapons are pretty good but to be honest, I'm most thrilled by the Enhanced Hyper-Sonic Kinetic Energy Rail Gun than any other weapon.

          Also, the Enhanced Rocket Launcher is not showing in any of my maps... maybe you forgot to add it too...


            Wow Rumple. Thank you for finally getting out the weapons and skins pack and i hope your custom work for ut3 and all computer games continues.


              So ya finally released the weapons eh? nice. First step in-

              never mind we've already done that. Anyways. Did sniper finally grow some balls and hair? jk...

              Nice little updates on the weapons rumple. Tell the gang i said hi.

              -Mr. deadnoob, AKA [H3D]Madrobot


                Ok i had that same thing happen. Go into your Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Script and the upk file for the impact hammer will be there just go and delete it. One problem i have though is that in the game i cannot find the enhanced weapons and what i found was not it and does work. Here is a screen of what i see in the Weapon Mutator.


                  Ok, now that's work, thanks for the help Ultimely Death... now... for the other problems... I hope you reupload the whole package again because I really want to your version of the Rocket Launcher and the Rail Gun.


                    Originally posted by KAZUYA217 View Post
                    Ok, now that's work, thanks for the help Ultimely Death... now... for the other problems... I hope you reupload the whole package again because I really want to your version of the Rocket Launcher and the Rail Gun.
                    They are in the package




                      The Rail Gun handles more like you'd expect a sniper rifle to do so, aside from the pinning to walls.. Be sure to lead your target just a dash if their a good distance away. The idea was to have a Rifle capable of destroying vehicles and decimating opponents without being a Point and Click weapon.


                        I'll upload my WeaponReplacement mutator ini. file for you guys. I fixed the package. Sorry about that.


                          Did you update the link? Also i strongly sugest you make a mutator that replaces all the weapons with the new ones. With the stock weapon replacement mutator it's just too much of a hassle hunting for the weapons from this pack, especially for someone like me that has tons of other custom weapons in that list.


                            wow, even more weapons to shake a stick at!
                            Rumple, thaks for sharing, so happy to see these out so i can use 'em ofline too.


                              Glad you guys are enjoying them. I'm adding a Weapon Replacement Mutator ini file to the links so the stock weapon replacement will be already configured. Yes I updated both links.