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dm trailer trashed

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    dm trailer trashed


    make sure youve got the titan pack installed

    hope you guys like it

    feedback would be nice too

    Cool, reminds me of the good old UT2K4 days... Dl'ing!

    Edit: holy ****, 153 MB zipped... is it uncooked or something?


      look good downloading

      EDIT: map nea some more weapons
      that bike look great ( where you not making a bike mod
      so is that video on the tv
      the door on the map are great too
      lol but the bots have some problems with it ther dont no what too do too get out


        no there is a lot of cust content believe it or not
        oh yea look out the windows facing the sprinklers


          i appreciate the feed back
          yea there probably ought to be more weapons
          but i was trying to stay away from the flak
          wouldnt be fair inside the trailers
          edit yes i am going to do the bike mod


            yea the bike in the level will be drivable .


              I sugest you upload it elsewhere, fileplanet quite frankly sucks.

              Also, I can't really tell from the screenshots. Is this a mini me map?


                no its not a mini me but handles 10 players well(you can stay alive)
                and yes i agree.. the uploader blew snot.
                as soon as i can i wll find an alternative. i want to broaden the map a bit.
                want to travel off into the woods.


                  Try filefront, its free and much better.



                    there you go


                      OK, just played the map.
                      Some suggestions:

                      The doors. Either remove them altogether or animate them to open and close.
                      Right now they just get in the way. The bots have no idea what to do and just stand in front of them like idiots.

                      Bot paths. I often found the bots stuck inside the cramped trailers. Just standing there doing nothing.

                      The trailer windows. Either remove the glass or make it destructible, so you can shoot from inside.

                      And last but not least. I suggest you put some sort of gate at the entrance. I find the whole invisible wall thing, kind of silly.


                        i understand consistency is valued in a level but
                        unfortunately i didnt catch some of the windows
                        blocking fire through them, however,
                        you can shoot through most without glass and most
                        though the opening at the bottom.
                        doors are like they are because they are more in the way with hinges
                        and with them in the level you have to think a little more on your feet.
                        and once they are down they are down.
                        trailers are to scale, had to abandon the idea of beds etc,
                        and leave out the flak .. for obvious reasons

                        the bots though there you have a great point
                        i think i need to use kismet to get he little boogers to shoot the doors out......

                        i will think about the doors, dont want to take them out.....

                        thanks for your input
                        i appreciate it



                          video of the bike and water on window
                          use the hd button on player

                          and im done with this one

                          i really think ut3 is capable of displaying a very realistic env.
                          going to try again .