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CTF-Titan Testing Grounds

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    CTF-Titan Testing Grounds

    Name:Titan Testing Grounds
    Version:Patch 4 and Titan Pack needed.
    Compatibility:Pc Only
    Description:My 2nd map for ut3. This map is best used with the titan mutator seems as the whole map is based on it. This map is best with Greed, i would hav it as TDM but i have 2 bases in it so i can't hav TMD but it's still a good map. Background story:As the new axon super weapon was completed (Titan) they built a large testing ground for it. The grounds were built to also test the ways the new super weapon could be used for teamwork not just killing everything you see. After they built it and tested the weapon they had made it too big and the necris had found out about this new tecnology and craved it. Later on the necris managed to steal the intel for the super weapon and had mastered the power of it. Now this facility is abandoned as the necris had killed every last soul in the place.


    uuuhh..... my comp is a little small. can u get a few smaller screenshots?

    plus, it look more like dm rather than ctf( judging from what i currently see)


      lol i didn't care about the size of my pics when i was uploading them then bam! i go on the thread and 1 pic fills my whole screen.


        Just put these tags in instead of the standard IMG tags (without the spaces).
        [ shot ][ /shot ]


          Not sure what you are talking about, but this method should be one of the best:


          The shot-function will not solve doominator10's problem because the file size will still be the same.

          JoeXL, if you want to use it like I did, just quote me to see the code and remove the quote

          P.S. Best method is to create own thumbnails with wish size (400x250 or so).



            thanks m8


              Whoa 1 MB?


                lol. it's not a very detailed map, and it only has a few static meshes and i only made it for gameplay not for visuals + i made it in a day