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Icefields [BR,CTF][PC][Pics][Final]

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    Icefields [BR,CTF][PC][Pics][Final]

    Name: Icefields
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT3 PC Titan
    Description: Conversion/remake of BR-icefields from ut2003.
    Comments: Redid this one for our lan games. Meant to be played with translocator. This was created as a CTF/greed stage since UT3 natively supports it...and not everyone likes bombing run as much as some of us.

    Credits: Dave Ewig (original map), Hourences (knowledge/tutorials), Jason Welsh (tutorials), relic74 (thank you for BR!!!), Karatemaster (concepts,texture work,extensive beta testing), Moo (waiting to beta test, beta testing, eating my pizza and karate's breadsticks), xtremexp (awesome converter!!), Girlfriend (for letting me neglect her while i worked on this!)
    Homepage: n/a
    Download: (uncooked BR version) (CTF version)

    Nice Pic's look awesome keyser, can't wait to check this out....Downloading now!

    Just to let everyone know who wants to check this map out...

    Download the latest BR version of the mod here:
    (and look for this map on the Reliquary download page soon)

    Official BR Thread here:


      Thanks for the PR there Laambo lol. We need more 'street people' like you to spread the word.

      I'm downloading icefields now too, can't wait to try it out, and it WILL be going on the reliquary BR server soon.

      It's really good to see more mappers making BR maps now. keep the remakes of the classic maps coming! Speaking of which, I have BR-Colossus like half way done but don't have the time to finish it. I've got most of the textures from ut2004 and all BSP/Terrain built. It just needs to be finished. If anyone wants to get my unfinished map and finish it, I'd be happy to post it.



        VERY good job on IceFields. It's is totally true to the original map! plays great, no problems to speak of. If you ever release a 2nd version, the only thing that I would suggest is to put the team light emitters around the br goals. these can be found in the folder CTF_Flags / IronGuard.upk. the emitters are the blue_idle and red_idle ones. and maybe add ctf flags to the goal bases as well.

        keep the br maps coming!



          good remake

          I've played both BR-Icefields for UT2003 and BR-Icefields for UT2004 and they are virtually identical with snow, light-cracked sky, more snow, canyons, fitting music track and decent looks. This new one for UT3 (I only tried the CTF version) is more detailed and has a more blue sky and as already said very true to the originals. My only complaint is no base directional indicators; these really should be added with a lot of the terrain looking the same.


            Remakes FTW! Good job keyser!