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UT3 Evangelion Model Pack v1.1 [Final, Pics]

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    Yea, maybe he should upload it to RS, mediafire or something... I have a fileplanet account. If the author won't mind, then I will upload them to my webspace as well.


    I uploaded it here:


      how did you code unrealscript for custom audio/taunts

      awesome work, Alcor! i really like how you made your own sounds. can you point me to a tutorial, or give some tips? i would like to make custom audio/taunts for my upcoming custom chars ( ).

      thanks, jag

      Originally posted by Alcor43 View Post
      Alright guys, I created a new version. Now the sounds are a fifth of the loudness they were before.

      Hope you like the model better.



        Great job Alcor43! You really captured the essence of the EVA's. The modeling looks well done and and have a surprising low poly count. In the 8-9k range. Textures are nice as well although too glowy. Not sure if it's the speculars or not, buy maybe you can add a layer of black at 10-15% opacity over you textures to darken them. This is what I've done to help with my chars own glow probs. I also noticed the power cords on the EVAs tend to stick to the char every now and then. I just fixed that issue with the cloth on one of my chars and it had to to with some stray bone influences. I also had to readjust some of the bounding boxes in the physics asset. In any case this pack is awesome. Any chance you'll make vehicle versions?


          hi, i've a problem with this skins. I've insalled ut3 patched at the last version (thanks steam). Then i've installed the skins in the right directory and enabled the custom skin from the configuration, but i don't see the new faction and so the new models. What is the problem?


            these look amazing
            i was wondering, since u did such a great job with the eva models and te samus aran models, are you planning to make the eva girls too? that'd be awesome.

            this picture migh also give you some ideas as to the clothing parts in case you're interested


              Looks sweet, nice job...Really wish it had the smiling Unit 6-13's in there though


                UT Unlimited + Fileworks mirrors

                Big Thanks


                  Hi, i know this topic is dead but i really need help :/ can't install the model pack. I have version 2.0. I had another model pack that was called Runestorm that also got a faction. But now everytime i enter the game a new Runestorm factio is created >.< but still no EVA faction :C Please i really like evangelion and i would love to use this model pack.


                    Oddly enough I received a couple of emails requesting a new download link for my UT3 character packs, I have updated the first post accordingly.