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    Mod Problems

    My friends and I have been having a problem with some of the mods we downloaded from UT3mods, wonder if anyone can help

    #1...Unless each of us has he download it seems we can not see the other players custom character.

    I was running a WH40K Berserker character and my friends only saw a regular Iron guard.
    Other was running a character with mods from KAT to create colored armor, which I couldnt see, until I downloaded KAT

    #2...My friend was running a rabbit, which didnt seem to load because he appeared as a iron clad, another game he switched to his master chief, but me and the others saw his rabbit. it seemed that it was showing the last character he chose and not the current.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems or knows a fix
    thanx in advance

    Unfortunatly for all peole to see a custom character you'll have to all have it already loaded. This is to prevent loading of the things takeing ages over a server.


      okay that makes perfect sense. Thats why we all dowloaded the same mods for gameplay.
      But what about the seeming delay in the mod appearing after selection? could that just be a loading glitch?