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Weapon Arena Mutators (PC and PS3)

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    Weapon Arena Mutators (PC and PS3)

    This is a pack of mutators to allow arena style play with each weapon (only one weapon in the game which has unlimited ammo).
    Ammo still counts down, but the counter will reset when it reaches zero.

    Because of the small file size the PS3 and PC versions are both in the same .zip file, there's also a direct USERDATA.JAM download via

    They should show up in the mutator list like this:

    I take very minimal credit for these as it's just slightly modified from code already in the game.

    PC and PS3 download (.zip) via ModDB
    PS3 Direct USERDATA.JAM download via

    Very minimal credit but very maximal(?) results! Nice one Daz, keep em comin


      What about custom weapons?


        These specifically reference the weapons, I always release an Arena mutator when I release a weapon but it's up to other people to do the same with theirs (generally there's a mutator of some sort).
        There is an Arena mutator in UT3 that's hidden (which is what these are based on) and it's set up to be configurable (there's an .ini entry for it that's set to the Shock Rifle if I recall correctly) but when I opened the package that should contain the UI scene for it it crashed the editor so I left it alone.

        I can't do UI anyway, but someone who can should be able to make the UT3 Arena mutator work correctly which should then support custom weapons like the Weapons Replacement Mutator does (on PC anyway, not PS3).


          Could this be expanded to spawn with a random weapon & unlimited ammo every time you respawn (no redeemer for obvious reason)? Then there are a few options for picking up weapons:
          * It's not possible.
          * It's possible, but your weapon is replaced or dropped.
          * It's possible to pick up dropped weapons from your enemies/allies to your inventory.