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    Originally posted by Odedge View Post
    1. I am not a fun of placing clan or player's names on maps such as this. You have a map that looks like it belongs in some world and placing the clan tag so blatantly doesn't do it for me. If it was spray painted on a wall and you had to notice it, then I think it would have suited the map better.
    take your sponge bro and come to delete it ; you re welcome on our servers


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      Originally posted by {BFG}Bl!tz~ View Post
      take your sponge bro and come to delete it ; you re welcome on our servers
      LOL. How about if I show up with a bucket of paint and a roller brush?


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        Looks pretty good. I think I'll download soon.


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 maybe i can give some feedback

          @blitz m8...always recruiting


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            good 1on1 map, very fast and fun layout
            Shame you have released it so fast, I would have some minors suggestions like tweak a bit the sparks or change or increase the volume of the train sound, too low actually IMO but that's ok, good work m8, bye !


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              Quite an enjoyable map. As Odedge commented, the map get's you back into the action very quickly. Nice visuals with never a dull moment!

              Duno how you peeps can work with the urban textures/meshes and get them to look natural. I just can't get them to work together nicely when I attempt to use them....