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WAR-Bittersands Final (PC) Download + Pics

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    WAR-Bittersands Final (PC) Download + Pics

    Name: WAR-Bittersands
    Version: 1.0 Final
    Compatibility: UT3 (PC patch 2.0) and TITAN Pack
    Players: 8-32
    Author: brianXm

    Description: This is a UT3 conversion, based on my UT2004 Onslaught map. This is not a strait conversion. I have made a few changes in this UT3 version to accommodate Warfare game play.

    • Two prime nodes per Core on default link setup. Some nodes will be disabled for initial player counts less than 16.
    • Mines can be triggered by presure plates at the two prime nodes. These mines work independently of node ownership and can be used by either side.
    • Each core has pressure plates that raise the base maintenance doors leaving the core exposed.
    • Two additional link setups are available. A single prime setup with 3 node serial links. The other, a single prime setup with 5 node serial links.





    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]


    A big thanks to all those who provided feed back and game play suggestions in the
    following forums. This map is a much better map as a result. Thanks!

    TITAN Onslaught:

    EPIC Beta:



    Thx good job for thid nice map. ^^


      Very nice looking map! I'll (quietly) ask for a ps3 cook if anyone can do it, that would be most suitable.


        Originally posted by katamari666 View Post
        Very nice looking map! I'll (quietly) ask for a ps3 cook if anyone can do it, that would be most suitable.
        I was able to successfully cook the map but every time I loaded the map on my PS3, it froze up. When I reduced the number of assets in the map (File Size), the map would then load. My conclusion was that the map was just to big for the amount of available memory on the PS3. Maybe I'm not cooking it correctly.

        If someone else wants to cook this for the PS3, you have my permission.



          This final version as been added in my "Links for ONS / VCTF / WAR final custom maps" thread.

          THX for your work


            Just wanted to say AWESOME job! Was waiting for the final version to be released so I could get it uploaded to Gameservers redirect and put it on my WAR server.

            For anyone that wants to try it out, it's able to be voted on and if no one else is on the server you can vote on it and it will switch to the map.



              Thanks! I hope it plays well.

              I love mapping for warfare and I really enjoyed designing this map, but i think I am going to mix it up a bit and design a CTF map. The setting will be a park or villa built on the side of a hill overlooking a mega city scape, based upon a park in my hometown named Washington Park.



                Thanks for trying Brian, much appreciated.