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WAR-Planet F*&$ed [pc download]

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    Originally posted by Sanch3z View Post
    * yes there is an additional primary node
    * more nodes? where? without massively changing the map there isnt any room. This node link setup was played 12v 12 and gameplay was pretty good.
    * avril is now on both sides of the base towers
    * orb is in this map, the node link screenshot is from Devils Night but it is the same.
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    you decide
    Can I say Fat? It's not in the list.


      Are people rage voting this down for a reason?
      Is it the unusual name, or is it a bad map?


        yes pure shame to see 2 stars on such map! if u imagine the hours spend to do it !
        it really "****" me sometimes to see how the star system is working....not fair and absolutly no according to the quality of the maps

        i hope that it will not demotivate some mappers

        i personnaly never vote something else than 5 stars...
        if i dislike a map i just dont vote;because i find a bit easy and irrespectfull to bash the work of other persons with a simple click

        keep up the good work sanchez !


          Originally posted by {BFG}Bl!tz~ View Post

          keep up the good work sanchez !




            we played this at the «ne» custom map night on Thursday. The map looks really nice, and we liked the extra nodes but the link-setup is...well..umm...F*&$ed

            Having both Primaries linked to 2 other nodes just doesn't work, and makes comebacks very difficult. I think it would work better if you removed the links between the "original" primes and the center node. Or you could even remove both Prime-Center links and then just link the Center to the side nodes (so a "H" formation).

            I realise this is Final and all, but with it the way it is at the moment i'd rather just play Avalanche

            p.s. someone also pointed out that the Nemesis at the center node spawns on top of the Weapon Locker


              1 thing

              Indeed a great rocky theme, I like the "new" (old thread lol) node setup too for the variation.
              Very different from the stock maps but not too complicated (as some extreme community maps).
              The only thing I don't get is the Redeemer (litterally taken as well as understanding). It just floats randomly above the center node.
              I'm just a player, so don't know how to use editor, but I don't see a normal way to get it. I succeeded a few times with Manta-Hammerjump, but without shields you die after the fall.
              Was this placement on purpose?


                Are you playing an earlier version without the jump pads?