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CTF-Switchback [PS3][PC]

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    CTF-Switchback [PS3][PC]

    Version: 1.0/SE
    Compatibility: PS3, PC
    Description: Remake of classic UT2003/4 map
    Comments: Please credit the author, not the converter
    Credits: Author - Ductonius, UT3Converter, Conversion - TolstoyTheCat
    Download: PS3, PC, Source

    The BSP, lights and pathnodes were converted using UT3Converter. I added materials and meshes, converted playerstarts, added more player starts, added music and ambient sounds, tweaked stuff, added weapons and powerups, added particle jobbies.

    So far as could find out, the author of the original UT2003/4 version was Ductonius. This conversion is of CTF-Switchback-PRO2.

    Put your translocator into storage, polish up your enhanced shockrifle and have fun!


    I've changed the links to point to mediafire since FileFront is going down.

    Also, the PS3 version has been updated to version SE:
    A mismatched texture on the floor above one of the bases has been fixed.
    The machine-thing in the middle of the flag room is a little taller - you can only get onto it by dodging off the glass now.
    It was cooked by version 2.0 of the cooker.



      Hmm can't admit i've played the original...

      But I shall download it when I get home from work.
      Its good to see more traditional maps then the ultra
      fancy maps that all look the same.

      Looks Good


        I didn't get around to try the ps3 version of your map yet,
        had some unexpected things turn up when I got home.

        Will try again tonight.


          sorry... but this map looks worse then the 2k4 version. man you dont need to make/convert a map in 1 hour, take your time and inproof it a bit. i never finished a good map in 1 week, with good i mean gameplay and grafix.

          plz go back and take the time man, it was a very good map to play, so if you redo a map make it atleast as good looking, but not worse


            Oh btw Tolstoy the Cat filefront is not going down the original owners bought the site back up.

            All is good.

            Oh got sick this weekend, but I haven't forgotten havent loaded into UT3 yet.

            Well take care.