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DM-Aftermath FINALV2[PICS][D/L][PC & PS3][81/100]

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    I played it and the river had the default texture. You had a fallback material applied to the bsp. Also, you may want the fences to block all but weapons.

    Besides that, nice map. I like how some of your jump pads make you bounce off a wall before reaching the ground.


      Originally posted by The Demon Slick View Post
      Recooked for ps3, but not yet tested.... can anyone confirm the sky has no more "HOM"? Pm'd the link to Stuey as well. He will probably update the link when he has a chance. Great map Stuey! Nothing like a little Devastation when you're killing people.
      Never seen this before - map imports & unpacks without problems, shows up in the map list, & doesn't return to the Settings screen when you hit Begin Mission.

      What it does do when hitting Begin Mission is display a "Connecting ..." message for 30 seconds, before displaying "Connection Failed" (even when logged into PSN) and taking you back to the settings screen

      Do you need the Titan Pack to run this map? Might see if it'll work after this Thursday ...

      Cheers for the cook Demon, hope you're well

      EDIT: Couldn't uninstall it from the mod browser, not by deleting individually or Delete All, and wasn't able to install the next map I wanted to try either (have to admit I only tried one) Had to delete my UT3 Game Data & reinstall


        ****.. I Was Bout To Test It Myself... Thanks For The Post, I Think It'll Wait Until It's 100% Working.


          Thanks The Demon Slick! You are a lifesaver! First Post updated. Hopefully it is working.
          @feisar32 I had this problem with a PC custom map. I think something in the .ini config file was wrong... although on PS3 you don't have one of these do you? Sorry to hear you had to delete all your data . I don't know much about the PS3 as a platform so I can't really help much. Does anyone else have this problem?
          @KingAnon It *should* be 100% working now. If not, the more people who help, the faster it will be fixed.
          @1337 Sniper The water has the basic tile texture? This has not happened to me. Has anyone else had this problem? I had the fences without collision for weapons at one stage, but it looked funny and was really anoyying to get hit by a bot with a shock rifle from the other side of the map . Personally I like it how it is, but I can change it if you really think it needs to be changed.
          This PS3 bussiness is really difficult.


            Originally posted by Stuey95 View Post
            This PS3 bussiness is really difficult.
            Keep in mind a few guidelines.

            1. Don't add any custom sounds (or remove them from the PC version before cooking). Once I am finished with the PC version, I will then tweak the Ps3 version if needed.

            2. Test your map with the lowest settings (especially world detail) as the PS3 uses a similar setting. Actually it's best to test your map on these settings even for PC users as well.


              Thanks for that Odedge. I didn't know about the custom sounds. Luckily I don't have any. I will keep that in mind.

              I tested my map a couple of times on lower settings on an old computer when it was in beta and again when it first hit final. I learnt to do this after my first map had huge problems with settings on low.


                Originally posted by Stuey95 View Post
                @feisar32 I had this problem with a PC custom map. I think something in the .ini config file was wrong... although on PS3 you don't have one of these do you? Sorry to hear you had to delete all your data . I don't know much about the PS3 as a platform so I can't really help much. Does anyone else have this problem?

                ... This PS3 bussiness is really difficult.
                No problem PS3 version DOES have PS3-UTGame.ini, but it would only be produced after cooking the map from the uncooked version, and Demon knows his stuff ... very odd, what was wrong in the .ini file on the PC version?

                If it helps, there's a tutorial here which has helped a lot of mappers out, although it's pretty elderly so I don't know if anything's changed since patch 2.0 ...

                If it's been uploaded again since I had problems the other night, I'll have another go & see what happens


                  It was back in v1.0 and a long time ago so I cant rememeber. I think it was just a spelling error.


                    Can anyone confirm the PS3 version doesn't work? With the river default texure problem, is it on the PS3 or PC? Does anyone else get the problem feisar32 has?


                      Does not work HERE, I get the same connecting ........ message as posted above the same thing online and off line...
                      Version 2.0, no TITAN mutators, just 2.0 update. Also can't delete, from mod browser


                        Hi! Been having trouble since the patch with ps3 cooking. I'll try again, give me a few days, maybe this weekend... Something has changed, just need to figure out how to roll with it. Euchreplayer has been having some success but the process he's using is very time consuming..... If I have to I'll do that. Thanks to everyone who tried it, and thanks Stuey for putting in the effort. You pc guys should really check this out, PS3 peeps keep checking back. Cheers!


                          Excellent map, but yeah, the river is all brown, ugly and immobile on my config (PC). I'm not sure that's intentionnal because it really brings down the overall quality of the map, at least, visually-speaking. At this point, even "performance tweaks" wouldn't be a real argument to support this :/ I think it could be the bug 1337 Sniper had too... I run in full details, with bloom enabled (high quality) btw...

                          Also, about the road... But I think you know what I mean

                          Otherwise, that really is a big must-have map, very nice job.


                            Righto thanks for the replies! I have spotted a few minor problems while I have been playing splitscreen (I won't tell you them untill I have fixed them ) on top of this river texure problem so ANOTHER release is needed. I'll try to get this out and cooked soon (hopefully by next Monday).


                              Terrible news! Filefront is about to be shut down! If you haven't get any files you have kept on the site! This is NOT an April Fools joke.



                                Good news, Filefront was bought back from Ziff Davis by the original owners, and is re-opened. Better news, I believe with the help of the very talented euchreplayer23, using a technique invented by Repent, we can get this working for ps3 shortly. Keep checking back! PC players, get the pc dowload on the front page. Cheers!