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UT2D-Ducts 2.0 for UT2D 2.0

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    UT2D-Ducts 2.0 for UT2D 2.0

    UT2D-Ducts 2.0 by DazJW

    CTF Gameplay Video

    This has been tested with UT2D 2.0.

    Player Spawns are in the bottom corners, on the pipe ledges and in the top corners (on both sides of the map). Flags are in the bottom corners.

    Weapon Spawns:
    Armour Vest - Left and Right, middle floor.
    Medium Health - Left and Right, top floor room.
    Shock Rifle - Left, top floor.
    Shock Rifle - Right, top floor.
    Rocket Launcher - Middle, bottom floor.
    Rocket Launcher Ammo - Middle, middle floor.

    The two vertical shafts at the bottom have mesh grates over them so you don't fall into them. Either side of the middle there are doors so you can't stand at one flag and spam the other.

    Changes In 2.0:
    Updated to work with UT2D 2.0 RC2 classes and jump height

    Download Links
    PC Download