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    Oh great..... thanks.

    When I saw people make map zips for download and put ini's in the custom map folder, then I thought they meant to put them in the config folder. I copied many ini of maps from the custom maps folder and put them in the config folder.

    Sounds like I have to double check a ton of maps to make sure the correct ini is in the correct folder... I did not know there were different on purpose.

    I did this since I saw some maps only had 1 ini file and the mapper put it in the same folder reference as the main map file... for the custom maps....

    I will have to see if I still have all the zips and rar files of about 9 gigs worth of maps


      you can easily tell the difference between ini files if you accidentally mixed them up. The one with the node configurations (if the map has multiple node link setups, if not there will be no config ini) goes in the config folder. The one that contains the UI info: mapname, PreviewImageMarkup, and description, goes in the published/custom maps folder.



        By the way, in the MapList.ini, for the map entry in the ini - if I wanted to have two vote options in the vote menu --- one for Orb and one without orb, what is the exact wording of the line to have orb on and the other with orb off?

        Is there more than just the 2 (no orb and orb) such as other things?