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DM-Station 12 [v. 1.2, 15 Mai 2009]

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    Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
    It's funny reading this thread and seeing mention of up-and-coming maps that I've already tried. I guess I finally tried your first map.

    It's a dark map with boulders, a night sky with a moon and an asteroid belt and a great theme with futuristic look to it. At first I thought it was a space base on an asteroid of some sort, but after reading your description I guess it's on top of a high mountain. I like the music and WTF is that sound? oh, I guess it's the beginning of the music track. For an extremely detailed map from a good mapper, you did a great job eliminating stuff to get stuck on but the windows can still be an issue at times. This map has a very detailed layout, great z-axis, good flow and good connectivity. It was a wild match with 10 bots in DM and TDM and the bots definitely are good. The jump pads are crazy but the jump boots don't get me as high as I would like to go. Actually, it did stop on me once for about 4 seconds (I can't remember where but it was near the beginning of my first match) on my C2D E8600, GTX-280, XP, 4GB RAM system. A fun map to play and the bots were challenging.
    Well, THX again for the nice review

    It's odd indeed because you discover my maps from the newest to the oldest lol

    It's great to see players post & share what they think instead of acting like real morrons by giving low stars on thread & not saying anything.

    It is very motivating & pleasing to ear that kind of comments

    THX for taking the time to post here & on BU, mappers need it


      Fixed dwn links & OP presentation