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DM-Station 12 [v. 1.2, 15 Mai 2009]

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  • #16
    Originally posted by SEBASTIEN-NOVA View Post
    bon bin ca y est, toute la clic est la quoi, ça va etre le bordel ce poste je crois !!

    Eric, moi aussi, suis désolé mais suis mdr aussi looool
    Maudit que c'est tordant, maudit bordel LOLLLLLLLLL

    Originally posted by g0th View Post
    Well I only look at the stuff that seems to be more or less finished in the screens so
    Well, indeed the meshing is not bad but all the rest is not there at all. But it should be descent in some months


    • #17 no no i still believ in our server...but i was rofl too ...second time i crashed it with fraqd files....just found the problem...dunno why the hell the filezilla tool hav change the size of the ut3 files...weird weird.... 3 maps only hav crash it...seb s...steeves...and ...mine....we re now linked by the servers blood^^

      oh btw i ve not send pms but if u hav some free time(i hav big doubt bout that lol^^) check my last beta link in ma sig; i had like to have ur opinion...srry for spam...ops


      • #18

        bon sympa les derniers petits changements ^^
        Merci pour cette sympathique map.


        • #19

          ceci est mon préféré la carte maintenant!


          • #20
            Je dirais même plus :=)

            Ceci est ma carte préférée du moment


            • #21
              Gratz on getting it to final!


              • #22
                Very Very cool TDM map - great job

                will be adding to «ne» BTA server as soon as its back online (hardware issues ATM) already added it to my lastest map pack «ne»CDMMPv3 which will be ready to dl very soon.


                • #23
                  THX to all for your nice comments & enjoy


                  The final for PS3 as been added Again, big THX to 'The Demon Slick'


                  • #24
                    Dl'ng pc final now. Colored jump pads....Sweet!


                    • #25
                      sweet the map is final download now!!!!!!!!!!!


                      • #26
                        Originally posted by SEBASTIEN-NOVA View Post
                        After so long times and efforts, your baby is finally born lol , houra !!
                        Is it a boy or a girl?

                        Congrats Steve on your efforts paying off. The map turned out really nice. I especially like the new platform (with the shield belt) as it gives that end of the map some more z-axis fighting.

                        The map looks very nice, plays well and I can tell the effort you put into it. Thanks for the kinds words and I was happy to help some one who cares how their map turns out.

                        p.s. You should probably reformat the first post in the thread so there are 3 rows of pictures. This will shorten the width of the first page. It's the beta tester in me, sue me!


                        • #27
                          Is it a boy or a girl?
                          LOL, it's a cyborg, half human, half Liandry

                          Happy that you like the map in the end

                          As for the credits, I always give proper one

                          I forgot to put a return after the third pic in the first post so smallers monitors see's all the pics (I'm in 1680x1050 at home).

                          I'm looking forward your next map & have fun


                          • #28
                            hey big brow
                            i finaly got a change to play this final version.
                            i was shoked, i only played a old version and seen some screens.
                            but what you did, i am pretty inpressed. and you did lissen to what i have said with the material, looks way better now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                            the map looks and feels very solid. i realy like the looks of this map, becaus it makes you realy feel if your on a othere planet.

                            good luck with you next map, and if you need a test guy.... you know were to find me.

                            good job stevelois!


                            • #29
                              Hey little bro

                              THX for your nice words

                              Indeed, the private version you have is a early build & I'm happy that you finally played the final & like it Don't forget that big bro are listening there little bro "sometime"

                              I thought that you won't like it since it so "amateur" compare to your map. I have something to ask for the next one & I'll try to catch you on msn soon.

                              Have fun now !


                              • #30
                                gj Steve, i like the way it turned out