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WAR-HotZone (UPDATE Final v2.0) [Now with SB, Eradicator, and smaller filesize]

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    WAR-HotZone (UPDATE Final v2.0) [Now with SB, Eradicator, and smaller filesize]

    Name: WAR-HotZone

    Version: Final!!! v2.0

    Compatibility: UT3 v1.3 (should work with previous versions) PC only until I get the PS3 version cooked...


    "A lone training camp stands forgotten at the ends of a deadly mountain pass. Ronin forces are bustling to secure the facility for special operations when a Necris tactical squad arrives and sabatoges a power core and nearby vehicle factories. Only sound tactics, stealth, and skillful use of your resources will win the base back, or doom it to the hands of the Necris threat."
    I set out to make a tactical play map that would provide players with a vast assortment of paths to follow and less linear gameplay. So, to accomplish this, I decided to allow players access to ANY part of the playable map... every single room in every building, including the rooftops, is playable area and can be used for deadly strategic advantage.

    I also wanted to make a map that wasn't completely symmetrical, yet still remained balanced. So, pickups are relatively equivalent throughout, with a few exceptions like the Redeemer and Shield Belt...

    Many areas are also hiding pickups, some much harder to get to than others.

    Known Bugs:

    - No real "BUGS" but some odd bot behavior can take place at times. One of the worst being that the bots like to leave vehicles piled up in some really dumb spots and tend to block the roads. Shouldn't be a problem with human players.

    Screenshot: (no new screens, I think these convey the overall feel of the map well enough)



    Epic, (BCLAGGE for helping me optimize and make this map look and play smooth, even decent on my low-end rig) and Myself (Custom Materials, some Custom Meshes, a lot of BSP, some Recolored Epic Texture Samples, and the overall layout)

    [PC:] [78.68 MB]

    [PS3:] I already have TheDemonSlick awaiting an updated uncooked version, I will post the link here shortly after the update.

    Thanks you for this final version. ^^
    Nice jog :=)

    Same that WAR-PsychoTropix perhaps a little big for put in server.


      Perhaps, lol...

      I don't really see the issue myself, what with all of the people with broadband/cable... Guess maybe I'm a little old-school and still remember waiting for multiple map downloads in 2k4 on a dial-up connection and those maps were pretty big for dialup, some were 20-30 minutes long.... I guess the bulk of gamers don't have that kind of patience any more.

      Not that it bothers me though, I just find it amusing that people would prefer a 40 MB map that has no visual flare or extraordinary gameplay over a map that someone took months to give a unique look, feel, and gameplay style.... and that people aren't willing to sacrifice a max of 18-20 minutes to download a map that could provide many hours of fun gameplay... just LOL...

      On another note, I do realize that some people have restrictions (HD size, Amount of time they can play, etc.), but bear in mind it is way faster to d/l from here than to wait for the redirect. I think it takes me about 2.25 minutes to download and install... so, whatever.

      I like to play it, alot, and I don't usually like to pat myself on the back, but I am really proud of how this one came out, it's very unique among UT3 maps, which was the whole point of my making it.

      Thanks for the reply though, I hope you like playing it, online or off.


        sweet a final of this map the map looks great
        download now


          have to agree about folk not willing to dl maps - we have some really great likes like this an peeps just wont dl them.

          we try to keep maps below 40Mb on are server for this reason (and we have a very fast redirect working) its a shame as mappers like yourself spend hours making a work of art and then we never get enough folk dl them so with a few players they r wasted.

          But all the same the map looks great will be dling it and trying it out


            It's not so graphically impressive, but the idea is fantastic (voting 5 stars cuz the gameplay is the most important thing in games).


              Hi SM! Hope you're well! I canlt wait, played the earlier version and was lucky enough to have a good team, which meant I had the luxury of treasure hunting through the apts. Found some sweet goodies! Map was great then, knowing you it's even better now. Woot!


                Thanks for the comments guys. I probably should have also mentioned that there are 3 Node Layouts now.

                The default is still the same as it was in the Beta.

                In the "DualFrontPrimes" setup, the primes are linked to both the tank node and the air node, but the center node is a stand alone node and the other 2 support nodes (Paladin Node and Tower Building Node) are disabled. Vehicle pile-ups are more common with bots on this layout, since there is limited reason to go around the buildings on the outskirts of the map (Bots almost always take the shortest route to their destination, whether it be smarter and faster or not).

                In the "LinkedSupport" layout, The setup is nearly the same as the DualFrontPrimes, except that the 2 support nodes are linked directly to the Prime Nodes on their respective sides. I personally don't like this setup because you can't sneak to the node near the enemy prime to setup a forward spawn position behind enemy lines so to speak, but on the other hand, if you lose your Prime and have this captured, you can still teleport there for a bit before it's destroyed to try and re-take the node.


                  Definitely next on my download list. Hope to be able to try it out later tonight. Looks like it should be a blast.


                    Hey SM

                    Been a loooooooooooooooooog time !

                    I just read the comments about file size & I found that very, very, very disappointing to conclude that pps in 2009 are so **** lazzy **** it. They won't take the time to dwn a map that a mapper as put months, countless hours of works in his work just because of extra MB of file size But still, they will download 3 maps of 40 MB instead of 1 of 120 MB... so ridiculous !

                    No wonder why mappers are leaving this game. Most of the players don't give proper feedback in betas & they complaining on this or that when the map is final. That p**s me off for you !


                      Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
                      Perhaps, lol...

                      I guess the bulk of gamers don't have that kind of patience any more.

                      Thanks for the reply though, I hope you like playing it, online or off.
                      Well i'm sure they haven't
                      But with a map at 40mb isn't better, they don't download too (generallly) lol.

                      No your map is nice to play np, and thank again. ^^

                      In fact have a little bug with WAR-PsychoTropix on server. With many players (20-30) the server down, he begin unstable. Well, the way is Epic don't release yet for linux server the final patch 1.3 (!). I guess with it yours maps works better, so i wait (but i'm sure now they don't care and they never release this version). patience lol


                        Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
                        "DualFrontPrimes", "LinkedSupport" layout
                        I am not seeing alternate node layouts in your files, only the default node layout


                          I am not seeing too.


                            I played an earlier version of this map and thought it was a lot of fun This is a cool map ShadeMistress


                              i am not afraid of large download. i will give this a whirl and if i remember, i'll post back here with my 2 cents. regardless, thank you for your time and effort.
                              have a nice day!