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DM-LightHouse_final [PC] [PS3] [Pics]

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    DM-LightHouse_final [PC] [PS3] [Pics]

    Name: DM-LightHouse_final

    Version: final

    Compatibility: PC and PS3


    - Added rocks for more cover, added few more trees
    - Added more dirt around the lighthouse
    - Aligned textures
    - Added blocking volumes
    - Replaced water shader to eliminate visual glitches
    - Improved Lighting
    - PS3 version

    Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the forums and on my websites.

    This map was completed in 11 days. I wanted to do a self-imposed mapping challenge. I kept up the progress of what I did almost daily.


    From Beginning to Beta Map Progress


    Download PC ZIP

    Download PS3 ZIP


    Final Version Screenshot

    images below are from beta version

    wow looks very nice !

    downloading ! thak you !


      Nice mood ) Dl'ing ! thanks )


        Very cool, kinda reminds me of Angelh@rt's (god rest his soul) maps.


          Angelh@rt's is dead ??????


            that I was thinking about too

            Originally posted by 4TX4 View Post
            Very cool, kinda reminds me of Angelh@rt's (god rest his soul) maps.
            sad he dont want make map for UT anymore
            but Mr AlexG you are my new Hope now !
            cant wait to see more maps from you !


              Thank you for kind words.
              Glad you guys enjoyed it.


                Couldn't get this map to install on my PS3, it just locks up the system Looks cool tho.


                  tryed it this morn
                  first i was a bit disapointed to not be abble to go in the lighthouse but finally it s excellent outside map

                  speed gameplay in decent sizes(even for2 players only) on awesome visuals

                  thx for that fun map and for ur work


                    Looks great.

                    Have to download it....


                      Hey Alex, I just thought I would report back that this level is still getting a ton of play on my server. A total blast with the Ultrainstagib mod .


                        Sorry for necrobumping this thread cos I was looking for a angelheart map I lost due to hdd crash...errm its true angelheart is dead? I was googleing for this map from alexg Im shocked if is true


                          What? Really? Is Angelheart really gone or just reincarnated as AlexG or is this just a joke because we haven't seen his here in so long? Anyone want to shed some light on this? Thanks.


                            So, is it bad to combine the INI file and TXT files into the INI file? Hmmmmmm........


                              nice small DM map

                              First, this needs a working preview shot (players and author’s name are fine, just the shot….shows previous shot that I was on in the menu and not this map). Wait…just change “_beta” in INI file to “_final” to fix this. Second, because of the map’s name, we REALLY need to be able to at least enter the lighthouse; it seems we can’t enter the lighthouse or building. Besides that it’s a nice and small outdoor map and I liked the outside of the building and lighthouse, rocks, vegetation, skybox and weapon/item locations. The invisibility is cool for this map. The gameplay is not too exciting, but try 2on2 TDM and it can get more fun.