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    DM-Greycap [Final][Pics]

    Name: DM-Greycap
    Version: Final Release
    Compatibility: PC and PS3 - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Duel.
    Description: This training hall lies in the foothills of Greycap Mountain. (2-8 Players)
    Comments: This is my first release, and I have to say I had a lot of fun making it. I hope you like the flame effect I made for the urns and the dusty light beams for the small windows, hahaha!

    So anyway, like I say this is my first real map in the UT3 editor and it's been pretty easy to pick up. I'm not new to level design so I wanted to do something clean and simple to start things off, something I can use for a CTF base I hope, which will be my next project. Well, unless I start this other idea I have for a necris theme instead Somehow, I'm not going to be short of work!


    This is the menu map pic, showing the eponymous mountain.

    Spear Garden and East Side Hall

    West Lift and Upper Walkways

    I'll link these other shots of other areas:
    Sword Garden
    Lion Hall
    Spear Garden Walkway
    Dragon Hall

    Credits: This was a solo project, so just me for the level design work and Epic for all the stock assets.

    Thanks: I'd like to thank Epic, 3DBuzz, people who said nice things in the beta thread (when the map was called autumn sun... except it's not really autumn and I'm awful with names ) and everyone who tries the map. I hope you have fun with it!

    Download: Download PC Version Download PS3 Version

    NB: I can't test the PS3 version so can some kind person tell me if it works please? TYVM!

    Nice use of meshes!

    Will have to check this one out!


      Very nice.


        Looks cool, downloading!


          Thanks for the comments


            nice lookin map!
            still i wount dl it.

            reason being:
            already from the screens is to see that the weaponplacement is bullish !


              wow wound dl it for the weaponplacement wtf can post the nexst time when its in beta


                For a free-for-all deathmatch, I'd agree that the weaponplacement is BS because there's a real big difference in what's near what spawn point I did mark this map as TDM though which makes a big difference in how things play!

                I was in two minds when placing the weapons and spawns. I wanted to get a basic map done to learn the editor and move onto CTF maps which is what I'm more interested in making because I prefer team based game play, so in test I was playing team death match and I liked the weapon placement just fine. You should be able to rely on your team mates if you get spawned further from the weapons and the flow is such that it's hard to get trapped and there's multiple routes to every weapon.

                If you want to play regular Deathmatch on this and the weapon placement is being a pain, then tweak it with mutators. Again for Duel, you will need mutators unless you like a lot of health because vials are quite farmable.

                This was in the beta section for about 2 weeks, which is very short but like I say, I want to get onto doing some CTF... sorry!


                  Say, has anyone played the PS3 version? Does it work ok? I just want to make sure


                    First, I want to say that this is a great looking map. I tried testing this on the PS3, however the process hangs at unpacking MOD.


                      Hangs on unpacking for PS3...

                      Maybe I need to get hold of a copy of the PS3 version of UT just so I can make sure my builds work >.< Well assuming I do sometime, I will try to get it running and re-release the map... I suppose I could rebalance the pickups for all 3 types of deathmatch at the same time, since that would be better.

                      Incidentally, my CTF map is sort of alpha worthy so I'll be releasing a build of that fairly soon. It has a couple of mantas and avrils in it so I reckon I'll release a CTF and a VCTF version (It's big enough!) just so people can have a go at both and tell me what they think


                        Works fine on my PS3, looks good too & much fun to play, thanks for making it available to us

                        Who told you it didn't unpack? I recently started having trouble with the PS3 hanging while unpacking ANY mods; don't know whether one mod was causing the problem or whether it was because I had over 400 installed Deleted them all now though, and this unpacks & plays without problems

                        EDIT: sorry to give with one hand & take away with the other, but it seems that there's some truth to Greycap not playing nicely with other maps Seems to be okay on its own, but although I installed it successfully earlier (had deleted all mods again when installing one seemed to hang the system) I've been having stability issues & system lock-ups which have only gone since deleting Greycap I'm really sorry to reinforce bad news - it's still an excellent map, I'll be keeping a copy of it; will just need to make a sure it's on its own when I play it


                          looks nice d/l

                          ur preview menu pict is superb


                            Looks amazing, but I'm also either getting hung up at unpacking, or when the system starts up again.