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Unreal Tournament 3 Shield Splash Pack

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    Unreal Tournament 3 Shield Splash Pack

    Name:Unreal Tournament 3 Shield Splash Pack


    Compatibility:This Splash Pack is compatible with all PC retail versions of Unreal Tournament 3

    Description:This is a Splash Pack that you may use to replace the original retail Splash, you know, the image that pops up when you enter into UT3. Included are the three Splashes shown in the preview, as well as a backup of the retail image just in case you accidentally wipe out your original.

    Unzip Copy the folder to the directory Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Splash\PC. Rename and backup our current Splash.bmp file, which is located in the same directory. Drop the new splash from one of the included folders into the overhead folder ..\UTGame\Splash\PC. Start up the game and enjoy!

    I have also included the retail Splash screen in its own folder as a backup in case you accidentally wipe out your original.

    How to Create Your Own Splash
    1. Open Photoshop or other image editor.
    2. Create new image with these settings: 572px wide by 720px high, 71 dpi
    3. Add content as desired.
    4. Save image as 24 bit BMP.
    5. Backup your current splash and replace with the newly created splash.
    6. Startup UT3 and enjoy.

    Note: You may use other sizes than 572x720, but please be mindful of your desktop resolution and that of anyone who might use your Splash.


    Preview of all three Splashes

    Credits:All images except for the original retail Splash are Copyrighted 2009 to Crotale (I included retail Splash just in case the delete your original)



    Nice work, I use the UT3 logo from now on


      now thats interesting.
      UT3 logo is a combination of UT04 and UT.

      nice one. Although more versions would be better!


        Thanks guys. I may do more.


          looks cool...good idea...thx



            Hard to decide which one to use!!


              Thanks Flak. Sorry for making you have to choose, lol.


                Some nice splashes there, Crotale.
                I see you did wide splashes, I prefer those to the default tall one. (I find the default one to be somewhat cumbersome and large, I prefer smaller splashes).
                When I get back to playing UT3 I'll make a note to change it to your UT3 splash.

                Brings back memories of the program I did once for 2004, never had the enthusiasm to fix it up for UT3 though as I stopped playing UT3 quite a while ago and it wasn't really that accepted by the community.

                ~ Lakie


                  Originally posted by Lakie View Post
                  Brings back memories of the program I did once for 2004
                  I remember you creating the logo changer for UT2004. Ah, the good ol' days.




                      Originally posted by pan1978108 View Post
                      I cannot view your link. I guess I will have to figure out how to translate the page.


                        This is sick ima use the ut3 one


                          wow ncie work m8 i defenly got to try these out