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UPDATED 1/22/10: DM/CTF-Hang 'em High 1.1

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    Aah ya, i made the map before that mutator came out, first point made.. But thanks for giving that a look through.. I'll be sure to download that and check it out, but it probably won't be fixed in this version.. I'm making a new Hang em High -esque map though, so i'll keep that in mind for the new version. If your curious about the new one i'm putting together, check out the Halo: Conquest forums.


      Reuploaded to ModDB since they don't delete stuff due to inactivity. Also, uploaded a hi definition version of the youtube video.


        can you upload to filefront too ?

        still cant download from there so ...


          Yaa theres that dumb verifying stage, huh? Just give it a day i guess, i'll bump tomarrow =.=


            Authorized and done with. Hopefully i won't ever have to reupload this again =D


              thank you !

              I got map now


                Great DM/CTF Map!

                Nice skybox outside, gameplay, lighting and superb music choice. The weapon and item placements are good pleasure of fragging. The DM version of this map has been close together with the Incoming sounds just as CTF version did. Both this DM and CTF map are as good as it gets the thing is there's no ReadMe file in the archive so this DM/CTF map is unique fun and the bots are slightly good aforementioned (and sausaged also).


                  review.........and links

                  (both CTF and DM) preview shot needs recommended player load; interesting skybox with orb and arc in the sky; good music choice, decent lighting/shadows but atmosphere needs more; almost playing in a box but not really; bots could be better.

                  Apparently, these are the only two places online to get these maps:

                  Unless you want to download the whole Combat Evolved pack here:

                  I can't even find a link anymore for the full UT3 Halo mappack.
                  Um...nevermind, here's one:


                    That hang em High in the Combat Evolved pack is Not my hang em high. Mine has higher definition normal maps and reworked lighting, as well as a more immersive skybox ;D

                    Thanks for the kind words and awesome reviews, fellas! It's been a while ^^