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DM/DOM/CTF Babylon [PC/PS3]

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    Keep that up and I'll be owing you ~300 beers by the end of the month. :P


      Yes, thanks! For some odd reason, I never tried any versions of this map or did and commented somewhere else about it/them. Um, I'll have to check on this and get back to this thread sometime. I do know that the night versions look a lot better and I'll probably only try those.

      EDIT: (ok, here we go)
      DM-BabylonNight - I tried this one first and at first glance it's japanese tiers floating in space, but it's much more than that. The platforms are actually tilted all over the place and it has waterfalls to nowhere, so don't fall. There is decent gameplay and the bots fall a lot. I actually did try this one a while back, but never posted comments. I like this layout and theme best for deathmatch.

      DOM-Babylon - just tried this one for the first time just now and it's way too bright. If you can get over that, then you'll see the satellites replace by the cube-ramp things. It plays well, in fact better than DDOM, for domination and you better know the map for double domination.

      I didn't try the CTF version, but this isn't the kind of map I would like for CTF. Oops, never tried the DOM night version, but I'm sure it's good also.


        Thanx for the review M8! Glad ta hear you had fun!

        The night version was made so anyone who didn't like the day version(especially the brightness) could play the map without being blinded. Myself I prefer the day version.

        The red structures are a homage to Escher. Eg.. you have to go down to go up! Unfortunately framerate is a serious issue with an open map like this hence the basic background.


          Ah, silly me, Escher, of course......I knew I'd seen them somewhere before. As far as the brightness, I guess I should have tried the day version first. Actually, I's just a tad too bright.


            I was playing with the UDK earlier and rigged Babylon into it to see the difference in lighting.

            The results are below. This was for testing only so don't expect a proper release.



              that look so good


                Any chance this will work with the latest UT3DOM? Maybe 5.0 when it is released....not sure about this though.


                  Currently I'm able to cook DOM maps, so assuming I have no cooking issues when DOM 5.0 comes out I'll recook it for the new version!
                  Sometime soon I'll also get off my lazy ars3 and I'll finish the DOM conversion for my Orbital Flux map from the UoF pack!


                    UT3dom v5 is supposed to be more user friendly as far as custom mapping is concerned. Im on a pre-release version atm which is much the same, but the ut3dom webby has hklm saying it will be much more user friendly when released. Course if you get stuck and cant cook ill help you out with a cook as we have both done in the past for each other.

                    Loved your new map in the UOF map pack btw. Thought the warp to top was a nice novelty compared to typical fall to death scenario.

                    Hope your well too mate Been a while since we yapped
                    [EDIT] OMG just went back and found babylon day UDK lighting screenshot. Looks frigging awesome