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    Name: DM-Morpheus3

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: PC & Patch3;PS3

    Description: 3 scrappers in the stratosphere....

    Comments: "classical" remake (based on bsp conversion)DodgeJump mutator highly recomended;all was "built" with in original version


    Credits: original author;epics for the tools;HideInLight for help on aircontrol and helpful advices;XtremeXP for the converter;my clan for motivation;LordPorkSword for PS3 cooking;working preview pict and general help

    {BFG}Clan HomePage


    Download Morpheus3-PC on MediaFire

    Download Morpheus3-PC on

    Download Morpheus3-PS3 on MediaFire

    looks nice D/L


      Definately a good remake of morpheus to please all fans of the original map!


        Nice remake, best i saw for morpheus


          thx mates really glad u like it

          thx Lord ..the starsphere change rock


            its a good remake, but I feel its incomplete. Its just that some areas were left bare with the bsp rather than filled with static mehces. In my opnion it still looks unfinished. Othere than that its plays great. How did you convert the bsp of the map, because I want to convert some classic bsp maps onto UT3 and remake them



              thx for coments


                I deleted my other Morpeus remake maps after playing this one.
                I dig it. Thanks


                  he, excelent remake Bl!tz, very good works
                  and you have make it so fast, impressive !


                    I'd check the music. The track only seems to repeat once and I think it may be in the anbiant sound track instead of where it should be.


                      ty mates

                      @kaz:right...once and stop...i hav convert it but i havent find the way to "transform " it in ambient cue.....srry fr that; i tryed my best but i still need to learn so many things...

                      i had to finish it fast ....15 baby goats are born in the 48 last hours in not enough time


                        Best REMAKE of morpheus! Ty :P

                        I guess it only miss Dm-turbine to be make...My next 1


                          thx chri882....cant wait ur phobos final....i enjoyed a lot the first beta


                            to make it loop, right click in your package and create a soundcue, then click the sound, or music, you want to loop in the generic browser ( with the sound cue editor still open). Right click in the sound cue editor, and you should see your sound on the first button of the right click menu, something like "Add Morpheus3_Music.wav"

                            After yuou've done that, right click again, and add a loop. The initial node you have there should have a link in the left connector of the loop, and out of the loops right connector, connect it to the left connector of your sound file. Close and save

                            If thats confusing, let me know and i'll give more details

                            btw, its the original music from ut2k4 right? Cause i loved that song!



                              thx mate ...very helpful

                              yes it s original song "KR-Morpheus3"

                              .....i ll pm you if i m lost