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ONS-Dawn Revisited

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    ONS-Dawn Revisited

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: UT3 PC patch 1.3

    Description: Based on ONS-Dawn from Unreal Tournament 2004.

    Comments: sorry, ps3 most likely will not play this due to the large custom textures. *Note: this was not intentional

    Credits: Created by Flybye, Sanch3z, Nomadicus, and DeadSoul. Hourences for the original 2k4 map.. Thanks to GOW, T5K, BGE, Tenebre and 5thSymphony for their testing and feedback. Also thanks to PacerX, BigDog, and Noot for helping bring real ONS to UT3.

    *2 node link setups to choose from:
    -----1.default is no orb
    -----2.Orb, with orb

    *no mods embedded. This map is intended for use with the ONS 2.0 mutator [WIP] but will work fine in Warfare gametype.

    ONS 2.0 Mutator info clicky


    Happy New Year!

    Nice remake.
    Thx for this good job (again).
    Happy new year too ^^

    This map is playable online if you want test on this european server.

    Unreal.FR-Maps Customs-WAR/VCTF By
    - 32 slots (WAR/VCTF) IP:

    We wait WAR-Too Dark Park final now


      thanks Sbouby... Too Dark Park will be final very soon


        I know i take note of your planning release

        Personaly i wait more for WAR-Terra Sirenum final, and i'm curious to see the SE version of Alien Sands. ^^


          Best onslaught remake ever. Abosolutely class


            Originally posted by UTGangster View Post
            Best onslaught remake ever. Abosolutely class
            Dawn was to me THE ons map, it only can be a great map on UT3, when remade by good mapper

            But i was surprised to not see the LG/snipe at the tank prime: you put it at the hellbender prime, in previous versions, sniper was at its "right" place (i think)
            And i found trees textures which need blocking volmue imo (sorry to say that on the full release topic ^^" )

            Nevertheless congratulations for this high quality remake, Dawn FTW!!


              thanks Tenebre.. I'm not staying 100% true to the original 2k4 versions. IMO the tank nodes were a bit overloaded already. In this version there is avril pickups at the tank nodes so I put the sniper at the other side.

              About the tree blocking volumes: there are blocking volumes around the main trunks of the trees:
              I'm happy with that and didnt want 900 blocking volumes in the map to cover every branch of every tree


                From what I recall in the original Dawn, the tree branches on most of the trees weren't blocked in any way (except for the ones outside of the bases at the mouth of the valley). I seem to remember being able to hide in the branches with a raptor and jump the tank as it rolled to the side entrances to the valley.