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    MAD[Download][Pics][Updated 3/8/09]

    MAD: Mutual Assured Destruction



    PC only

    -File structure is now easier to install
    -Fixed last puzzle so it's easier to complete
    -Added visual cue to show that "certain" objects are invulnerable (don't want to spoil)
    -More ammo pickups all around
    -Turned off dynamic flashlights, when bots die, for optimization
    -Further closed off canal area so player couldn't reach unintended locations
    -Simple script to remove the time limit and goal score
    -Bridge bots are easier and are less likely to frustrate player

    This is a mod was with the intent of creating a single player experience in Unreal 3. About 70 % of the content is custom (sounds, assets, materials) and the custom textures are all hand-painted (wasn't going for photo-realism this time). This is my third map for Unreal 3 and I tried to spend equal emphasis on both art and design; It is my first time using custom assets and creating a custom game-type.

    After playing, tell me what you think. I welcome thorough criticism (the more specific, the better).


    You were sent here because you know nothing. Because of recent press coverage of an isolated oil refinery, you were hired by a secret organization to investigate the happenings. It is advisable to use stealth in order to complete the mission successfully. There will be only surprises along the way: try to come back in one piece, agent.


    Nate Voss (QA), Carlos Alegria (QA), Chris Armstrong (QA), Aram Cookson (QA), Hourences (immensely helpful
    tutorials:, Epic Games (For an astounding Engine and ambition to create quality games), HideInLight & Lynch (provided feedback via Epic forums), other mods out there (The Haunted, The Ball, Promethius) for providing inspiration



    Downloading currently.
    Before I play it I'm just gonna let you know what I expect. I'm expecting a short single player experience of about 15 mins. About 10 mins of that will be spend exploring.
    One or Two new guns. Slow movement. A few enemies here and there but not much. A pretty cool looking level. About three "puzzles"


      Originally posted by HideInLight View Post
      Downloading currently.
      Before I play it I'm just gonna let you know what I expect. I'm expecting a short single player experience of about 15 mins. About 10 mins of that will be spend exploring.
      One or Two new guns. Slow movement. A few enemies here and there but not much. A pretty cool looking level. About three "puzzles"
      K lasted more than 15 mins. Took more like 35 mins. Spend about 20 mins getting lost since I have no sense of direction. Good thing you made some key points visible. Fast movement. No new guns, bunch of haxor can't miss enemy Demo Guys with a different accent. Lots of puzzles.

      Ok first off the presentation. By this I mean download, unzip, readme, install, start to play with ease:

      First thing I did was unzip the mod copy/paste then enter the game without reading the readme file since I didn't see any.
      Couldn't see the mod under gametypes nor under the deathmatch maps like some other mods.

      So I exited and searched for the readme file so I could figure out why it wasn't working. Found it inside the My games\Unreal tournament 3 folder

      I suggest moving the MAD readme up a bit so that the user sees the Mod folder and the readme in the same window when they extract the archive.
      Or better yet let them see the My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 folder than there is no confusion of where to install it.

      I also suggest adding the readme in \My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\Help\MAD so that people can view the readme later on.

      Later on you can make a neat little pdf file with intructions | backstory | concept art | credits | Logo whatever for a better presentation.
      I just feel something like this is missing in a lot of mods with release.
      "The Final ACt" is a good example of this. Gives a better idea what the overall mod is about.

      Anyways I figured out why the mod didn't work.
      You made a little mistake with the file structure.
      Currently it is:
      Unreal Tournament 3\Config and Published
      It should be
      Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config and Published

      Ok now onto the mod itself. Contains spoilers

      When I enter in the cave in the beginning I hear a dude's voice that sounds really close to me, but in fact the guy is standing way over in the distance. The voice is actually softer when you stand in front of him.

      After I bring him the key he says he's just gonna stand there and wait for his friend. Uhm the dead one?

      Add some effect to the turret cameras that gives you an indication that they are indestructable...

      Shooting the lights to open the door doesn't really make much sense.

      The enemies is way too accurate and ammo too little, but I think that's not your main priority right now.

      Your last puzzle is impossible to do without cheating, but I think I see the idea there. Use first switch, follow the ticking sound, use second switch. Jump on rocket to get to 3rd switch fast enough then quicly run to the forth one.
      The problem here is that you can't get to the 3rd switch in time via the rocket nor running. Had to use a speed cheat.
      Try adding a glowing button or something to the consoles so that you can see when you turn them on and off for better feedback. Red light green light.

      My first thought on solving that puzzle was to use the switch then jump on the rocket or crate and get a lift to next part of stage.
      My second thought was wait till rocket gets near the opening and shoot it to make an opening to next part of level. Guess it's not a rocket lol.
      Those "rockets" could also use a new texture. Currently they look a bit incomplete and not in working order


        Thanks for the input, HideInLight. I see that you know what you are talking about and spent a good amount of time looking for things that could be improved upon: thanks for that .

        As far as the first character's voice: I originally had a fade (attenuation) on the sound of his voice, but after I got out of range and returned back in range of the voice, the voice would be stopped and not return back to where it was playing from (this is some weird defect in Unreal 3 that sounds start from the beginning every time the player re-enters range of the sound). The only option I had was to make the voice have an infinite falloff, as there is some important information that is told through the dialogue (lots of games do this (Fable 2 and Rainbow Six: Vegas come to mind), and I usually think it's annoying, but I had no way around it).

        The enemies are indeed too accurate and I had to add lots of delays so they wouldn't constantly shoot and chase the player. I don't think there's a way in Kismet to make them less accurate: believe me, I have looked numerous times for a solution but to no avail.

        The last puzzle is possible without cheating, but it's probably asking too much from a player experiencing the level for the first time (I timed it using my own speed as a gauge, but even then it's hard and I have to use double-jump to complete..."designer's blindness"). I will definitely make the window of opportunity longer whenever I release a newer version.

        As far as the rockets that don't have unfinished materials, I believe you are referring to the bottom carriage that supports the rocket. I wanted to release the level at some point and it was taking longer than expected to hand paint the textures, so I slapped on a simple combination of materials on it. I know, it doesn't look good, but it's also in a dark area and I didn't want to spend too much time in something that the player probably wouldn't notice. I will have to paint that texture in the next release, as well as adding more improvements as I receive more criticisms.


          Has anyone else got a chance to play this? I would really appreciate some more feedback. Thanks !


            Keep em coming pls

            Originally posted by JonathanA View Post
            Has anyone else got a chance to play this? I would really appreciate some more feedback. Thanks !
            Yep and thanks for the map. I read HideInLight''s note first up until where he says "contains spoilers", but then stopped and played the game for myself and then came back and read his full input.

            now this also contains spoilers:

            Interestingly enough I got the same comments, so I try to not to repeat the same points (at least not exactly in the same way).

            At first when the game starts the player's hands look awkward like holding some weapon, but the hands are empty. I know this is by design because the players are always expected to have at least one weapon. Not a biggie at all in my mind, but giving the guys the impact hammer from the start can be a work around.

            I ended up shooting the guy who gave me the gun as well. I moved too far back in the room and he stood up right before me so I couldn't move anywhere until I shot him. I guess this was just me ending up on a bad spot, but may be worth making him walk around a little after giving you the gun. Oh, and you may want to add some consequences for killing that dude - more on this further down.

            The enemy is indeed quite accurate but it wasn't impossible, in fact after a few times respawning getting rid of them became easy enough, so I suggest keeping them as is.

            After getting up the ladder I looked around a bit and tried going backwards to where the sniper was, I was able jump over the railing and go that way but the graphics became peculiar (seems I wasn't expected to be there). I suggest putting more obstacles to make sure the player can't get there or manning some of the vehicles over there so if the player indeed gets there there will be some challenges and perhaps some ammo, armor etc.

            For the last puzzle, found what needs to be done rather quickly (the green light on the 3rd switch helped) but after many tries ended up using "ghost" cheat to get there fast enough. At first I thought it's consequence of killing the first dude that the green light doesn't stay on long enough, but after playing again I know it's not so.

            For filling up the ammo I ended up waiting for a minute or so after taking one of the shock cores for it to respawn again. I'm in favor putting more ammo everywhere this won't hurt the game play imho.

            All in all, it was quite enjoyable.


              I'm glad you enjoyed it . I was thinking about making a consequence for killing the npc, but I thought since you couldn't kill him until he completed his worth to you, that there wouldn't be reason to have him around anymore. I will be making the last puzzle easier to complete in another update. You were able to get passed my borders? I play-tested that area a lot to make sure the player couldn't go on the top, but it seems that it needs some reinforcing. I agree that there should be more ammo everywhere. Thanks Lynch for the comments, they are really helpful.



                Due to the comments made, I have added a lot of new features to MAD. They are listed under "fixes." Thanks to everyone who played and gave me feedback. I have done my best to correct this mod and make it even better. Enjoy!


                  This looks rather interesting will play it as soon as I am able.


                    Originally posted by JonathanA View Post
                    other mods out there (The Haunted, The Ball, Promethius) for providing inspiration
                    Glad I could help get other people to jump on the mod train. I'll try this out this weekend and provide feedback.


                      Great, I'm looking forward to it .


                        Too difficult, I could never get past the two guards on the bridge.


                          Aw, okay. I'll look into making the bots easier.


                            Realy Loved it <3!
                            Its a linear game with UT3....could be fun , more way to get to objective and MORE MAP!


                              Originally posted by Angel_Mapper View Post
                              Too difficult, I could never get past the two guards on the bridge.
                              try shombo