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WAR-Snarf-v8a map pack [PC][1.0][Pics]

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  • WAR-Snarf-v8a map pack [PC][1.0][Pics]

    Name: WAR-Snarf-v8a map pack
    Version: 1.0 (snarf vehicles v8)
    Compatibility: PC, not tested on PS3
    Description: I added my modded vehicles to my warfare maps! Enjoy!
    Screenshot: see below
    Credits: Josh "CaptainSnarf" Turpen

    It seems there is a bug with the cooking process! I had to work around the bug and also rebuild and recook the map pack so that it will work on a server, otherwise you will receive "Error moving file" when the vehicles download. This new version does not have that problem. If installing on a server, you should overwrite any previous version with this new version! You will not need to download the v8 vehicles; newly recooked versions are included.

    Featured maps:




    More vehicles pics here
    video of one of the modded vehicles in action

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    If you tried to run this package on a server but could not, it should work now. If you are running offline and have already downloaded this package, there is nothing new here.


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      Are the vehicles coded in the map or do they need the vehicles separately.

      We are running custom vehicles on our server and was wondering if this would conflict with it.


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        All of the vehicle files cooked into the map are also included in the package so that it will work on the server.

        If you are running Snarf Modded Vehicles v8 on your server using a mutator ( such as the vehicle replacement mutator), you should be able to safely overwrite those vehicles with the ones in this map pack. Since these are recooked, the vehicles will re-download to the client if needed. If there are other custom vehicles on the server besides mine there shouldn't be any conflict.


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          When will this be cooked for PS3? I want to drive the Kraken!


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            Total cook time: 1724.48 seconds

            I tried, but it does not work. I'm guessing the PS3 simply does not have the texture memory to load all of the textures.

            I think PS3 users are stuck with the V5 vehicles unfortunately.


            Apparently not! euchreplayer23 has done it again and managed to get my V8 vehicles cooked for PS3!

            PS3 V8 vehicles here!