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    Name: Churn][
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT3
    Description: Remake of UT2K4 map DM-UCMP2-Churn. Tight, fast-paced DM action.

    Credits: UCMP team for original map & folks listed here for UT3 remake feedback: moonflyer (UCMP team member), J3FFyB, danjw net, Vicious3745, Crayfish, Sebastien-Nova, Sirius, nELsOn and J112.

    Also thanks for kind words of support from: vybz, barballs, LordSimeon, Kazimira, SuperApe, [FnG]Bawsy, hal, pine, cooloola & cUnNiNg_StUnTs

    Download: PC dl:

    PS3 dl:

    Awesome map!

    Well, dunno what else to say here what I haven't said in the beta thread before.

    It's simply a bloody nice TDM map!

    Once again Luv_Studd delivers a masterpiece of "Unreal Mapping".
    It is very remarkable how he constantly manages to create maps with a high degree of 'eyecandyness' without the lack of gameplay. And his prior maps like DM-TaiSheng or DM-Dante]I[ prove that extraordinary talent very well.

    Excellent job, mate!
    Highly appreciated!

    PS: @ Luv_Studd - Make sure you put the links of your former maps in your signature.


      Looks good, looks like a Sentinel 2


        Great new
        final version is finally available, I DL it right now !!!

        edit : Just played :
        AWESOME !!!

        Good improvement with gameplay and visual since the beta

        It's just one of the best flow in an UT3 custom map so far.

        THX for this one, a keeper for all Unreal's players.


          looks very nice. good job man.


            Oi.....didn't notice the Jumpboots until now
            And I found a little glitch but never mind, it's finished and it's great


              Nice remake,

              Thanks for this job, good map ^^


                This sure looks good. Haven't seen something this good for a long time now. This is kind of resurrecting the game for me.


                  Glad to see the positive responses and if it helps get folks back into the game, all the better. :thumbs up:

                  Re: jumpboots... it was a last minute thing, and it was not really needed. But I wanted something under the bridge below the shock and the helmet was too close to the shieldbelt before. Hell, you hit your head on everything too. but, I noticed it definitely allows a more robust game when you get more than one way to the KoH, so I left it in.


                    DUDE! This map rocks! I'ts like split level madness! Really cool, great gameplay, spawn points all over, kept killing bots and they kept popping up all around me as I moved around, that was cool too. There are also some really interesting firing solutions from suprising angles, fun as fun can be I really must say! You should enter this in MSU next phase (3?) It's just as good as the smaller stock maps. I play a lot of maps, and this one was especially extra super good!


                      I finally got to playing this map (**** you L4D!) and it's sweet. Nice job, i really liked the visual style.


                        Here is a sentence I don't think I will ever type (again )...

                        "Luv_Studd made a map that wasn't fun to play."

                        Even it's not your original design (?), it's a map that's very fun to play, built well, and all that other fun stuff. I think you improved on your "atmosphere" from your previous map.

                        Great work, as always.


                          Originally posted by Odedge View Post
                          Even it's not your original design (?)
                          It's a remake of one of his older maps.


                            fyi- added a PS3 download link to the first post, thanks to TheDemonSlick!


                              Originally posted by wael View Post
                              It's a remake of one of his older maps.
                              Ohhhh. I said what I said based on this, which leaves a lot to the imagination...

                              Remake of UT2K4 map DM-UCMP2-Churn. Tight, fast-paced DM action
                              Either way, Luv_Studd maps are fun to play!