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DM-PlayTable map finished. [PICS] [D/L]

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    DM-PlayTable map finished. [PICS] [D/L]

    Name: DM-PlayTable
    Version: Finished
    Compatibility: PC, Patch 1.3
    Description: Kids Play Room is the theme of the map. You will find: KugelBahn, wooden road track with garage, Legos, Dominos, Xylophone, etc.

    Comments: Fairly open, medium sized map with lots of cover. Medium-long range combat fan heaven. Short range fans have plenty of cover and can use vehicles and invisibility to quickly get near the snipers.
    Moving in the Z direction is a must as the greater power ups and weapons are on higher levels of the KugelBahn and garage. JumpBoots and double jumps must be used to reach plenty of areas and to use quicker routes.
    Jumping of the table is an escape route, as it will teleport the player randomly to one of the starting positions.
    Bots can't reach some areas (like the biggest power ups), but will get most of the weapons and traverse 90% of the map causing a significant threat.

    Creating the map was a fun learning experience, this explains some features that don't fit the theme.


    Credits: Peter (MMmaster) Urbanics
    Email Address:
    Additional Credits: I borrowed a few materials and meshes from Epic.

    PS3 version -

    Beta Thread:

    This Looks really fun! Downloading Now !!!

    EDIT: Very Cool Map.
    Very good use of Physics!
    I'm diggin the map.
    My concern is the frame rate.
    This map runs around 30-100 fps for me.
    Mostly 40's in the middle.
    Full On Settings, 1680 X 1050 res


      Looks fun


        My god, this is so inventive. Nice!


          I like this - really well done concept!


            wow, it looks awesome and really original!

            Great job, downloading it right now!



              The material work and lighting looks top notch. I'm sure there some other tricks in there too, hehe.


                Hey man, I asked you in the Beta thread for a non FileFront mirror. You heeded, and now you have a fan. Sweet map!


                  Very cool map man, nice work
                  I have added it to for download

                  Any objections if this map finds its way into a mappack?

                  I also made this a 'tip' download on the site, i like the map much, great work.


                    I am happy that many people like the map.
                    Those who don't, please post! Some creative criticism would be helpful in making future maps better.

                    PutusNiveusTigris: :-) I have not had a fan before.
                    So, could you download it? Is there anything you don't like about it?

                    Zunnie: Thanks for adding it to
                    Mappack? Well OK put it into one, but first I would like to check out the other maps in the future pack.


                      Nice idea, this is the second kids play map i've seen, and both are very original Any Physics use?



                        Fun and nice looking map.

                        I like the use of vehicles, though they seemed clumped together and maybe more fun if they were spread out more. They seem a little big for the roads also.

                        I also like the balls of goo / invis that hurt you . Oh, and the blocks with holes in them that allow you to run through ...- pretty neat ideas.

                        If I had to suggest something to do in your next DM map or iteration...again using vehicles: off-road style in wastelands with buttes, geysers, arching wind-whipped rocks, tunnels, canyons with shallow rivers and sand dunes...


                          Originally posted by EpicJon View Post
                          Any Physics use?
                          Try pushing over a domino


                            There is a line of dominoes you can collapse, a bunch of marbles rolling along their track with several special track elements and there are many cover walls made from Lego pieces you can shoot to individual parts.. There is also a skeletal mesh swinging bell that gets pushed by the marbles rolling by and a cloth flag.
                            If you remember the other "kids play map" you mentioned, tell me, I would like to check it out.

                            Luv Studd,
                            I agree that the vehicles are a bit big for the track but with a little practice you can drive pretty quickly and safely on it.
                            Originally I wanted to create custom vehicles for the map like a little wooden milk-wan, taxi or a police car. But did not have the time to research creating vehicles.
                            Thanks for the suggestion but I already have an idea for my next map. Maybe the one after that will be more wasteland-ish.


                              Just an observation ...Not a criticism of this beautiful map..coz I love it ...Wonderful work

                              But just wondered ....Why that, "You" can use the Lego Logo, when in fact, "LordSimeon" was asked by Lego themselves, to remove all references of their name, and the Lego Logo, and also change the Map name, from LegoLand to BlockLand ....Can you now use this? Have you now received permission from Lego, to use their Logo? I don't want to see you reprimanded, for such wonderful work

                              Thank you for a Wonderful and Beautiful Map...