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    Originally posted by RED-FROG View Post
    You SERIOUSLY have to record a new video.

    I randomly found it on youtube some time ago, it was more of an hilarious entertainment rather than putting interst into playing that mod. (Ive shown other friends and they had a good laugh as well)

    In the video there is only chaos, you don't get to see the system behind the game, how it works and how it's really played. (other than just messing around and staring at weird effects)

    I'm one of those that are not interested in reading many pages long threads, news and other sites just to get an idea of how the mod feels like.

    Just create a video showing the basics, the controls, the goal, and the gameflow.
    And GET RID of music like that.

    Sorry for being so crude but I think that's the best way to say it.
    Have to agree with this, when I downloaded this I was suprised that you could build towers. Also tried it via splitscreen to see what the towers was actually for. Was also suprised that you couldn't shoot the opposing team's summoner. Then I realised the game is based around building towers to prevent the opposing summoners from getting near the "core". Btw are you planning a "creep system"?

    The video just makes you go. Huh.
    It's like watching these videos from new mmo's where you see pretty effects etc, but the only effect it gives then is "WoW" clone with pretty graphics. Not the best of example, but it's all I could think off.

    What I'd like to see is snipets of realtime gameplay where someone places the towers and then enemy comes and try to counter whatever you just did. But try and keep the sounds too, the towers got some pretty neat ones. Show some kinda of strategy or something that shows how this mod can be fun or challenging multiplayer wise.


      Added a big media dump on the ModDB page. Check out all the new screenshots!

      Also: If you guys are unsure about how to play the game either press "E", or the Enter Key for the Summon explanation cards, or just read the manual. I know everyone hates reading manuals nowadays, but it's going to be your best source about what to do in the game.

      So sorry you guys don't like the music and my inherently bad singing in the trailer. You should probably understand that the trailer was created in a single night (it was due the very next day) You can always hit mute!
      Don't expect a new trailer from us any time soon; we don't have much time these days to make one.