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EliteMachines_XV Customizable Weapon/Mutator Pack [PIX] + Add-On/Fix

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    Great mod...there is just one concern I have though. For some reason whenever I play a deathmatch/team deathmatch game I am unable to jump. Is this because of the transelite or am I just the only one experiencing this problem...?

    Also...I have a small request if it is not too much of a hassle; at the moment I kinda find the EliteStinger a bit on the weak side...are you able to modify the primary fire for the EliteStinger so it explodes when the bullets hit? (kind of like the stinger in Mr Pant's Excessive Overkill mod) if the stinger bullets had explosive splash damage it would be far more effective in dispatching the effect looks really cool (esp. when gunning down air vehicles)


      Excellent mod, thank you very much! Works great except it crashes when I try to switch to 3rd person view. That doesn't work with the latest patch, correct? Anyway, thanks again!


        This looks very cool. I'm going to D/L as soon as ut3 is done re-installing!


          Actually, now it's crashing to the desktop every time I try to use it, and almost always when the first or second kill of the match occurs. I removed and reinstalled the mod, as well as removed .ini references to other mutators I had removed in case they were causing conflicts, nothing works. Hope we can get a fix (or some advice on what might be wrong) soon. Thanks for your time.

          Update: If I don't run Fix1A along with the base mutator, it works great. Ran it with four other mutators and no problem. I'm using latest patch w/ Titan pack.


            Originally posted by pingfreak View Post
            For all of you crashing using the latest patch make sure
            Third Person View is Off in the .ini !!!
            This should help;
            Hope this helps.


              This mutator is great but when i choose configure and it freezes and UT3 closes.Please help.


                Hmm, yeah, im still having the jumping problem too :S


                  here is the video included this mutator i made..



                    awesome mutor


                      how unlock malcolm and brock
                      how instal this mutator


                        I am very encouraged that it sounds like there will be an updated version at some point. I love this mutator and all the awesome work that has gone into it. I will check back often! Couple this badboy with Galtanor's Invasion and you have mayhem beyond belief. Too bad it appears that Galtanor's Invasion is no longer being actively developed.


                          will it work with patch 4??


                            Weapon Pack: Elite Machines
                            Version: XV - PC UT3 Final - Not for PS3
                            Compatibility: patch version v1.3
                            Author: *PingFre@K*
                            Website: don't have one sorry

                            Originally posted by pingfreak View Post
                            For all of you crashing using the latest patch make sure
                            Third Person View is Off in the .ini !!!
                            This should help;

                            Use: Add the Mutator to the Mutators list / Play or / Config the mutator to your preferences
                            using the Configure Mutators tab.

                            Caution: This Weapon/Mutator Pack may be overwhelming.
                            However, It is fully customizable enough to have the
                            perfect balance of Power or Lack of.
                            It was originally designed to be used in large maps
                            with fast movement speed. Pickup another weapon to make it dual.
                            Don't miss out on the 2nd weapon it increases your fire rate.

                            Warning: Rated R (Language) - Can be turned off.
                            First Load will take some time.

                            What the Mutator Does:
                            Full customizable weapon replacement + many settings for each weapon to make it unique.
                            8 weapons + 2 Super Wapons + The TransElite
                            The possibilities are endless.

                            Weapon Customizations Include
                            Start Dual
                            Fire Intervals
                            Damage Overlay Time
                            Vehicle Damage Scaling
                            Vehicle Momentum Scaling
                            AI Rating
                            Projectile Speeds
                            Damage Radius
                            Aiming Help Radius
                            Aim Error
                            Projectile Life Spans
                            Recoil Power
                            Shot Cost
                            Ammo Count
                            Max Ammo
                            Ammo Recharge Time
                            + Lots more

                            Mutator Content Includes
                            -Matrix Moves Imitation below-

                            There are many more interesting reading details about the EliteMachines Pack in game.
                            EliteMachines is 1 year in the making for UT3 on my behalf. It was finally released
                            because ... um well, I had to stop sometime.

                            Replacement Information: For Weapon Replacement Only
                            Use the InGame Replacement Tab for OFFLINE play.
                            For ONLINE play use the .ini file (included)

                            ONLINE replacements use the "(0)" "Numbered"
                            WeaponsToReplace(0)= and AmmoToReplace(0)=
                            options located in the .ini file.

                            More help can be found on the "HELP" Tab InGame.
                            Credits can be found on the "Credits" Tab InGame.

                            Please grab the Fix add-on below as well!
                            Originally posted by pingfreak View Post
                            Add this With EliteMachines_XV to correct These issues -

                            Fixes include:
                            - Fix for Start Dual option
                            - Compatible 3rdPerson Veiw. Press 'P' Use 'I' & 'O' to set distance
                            - Added Fast Weapon Switching
                            - Fix for loosing jump height after wall walking (removes wall walking)
                            - Improved 3rd Person Animations for Rocket Launcher
                            - Adds Better default configs to the UTEliteMachines_XV.ini

                            Make sure your weapon replacements include the newer _Fix1A version of the weapon.
                            All weapons Have been updated except Elite Lucifer, Impact Hammer and Trans.

                            Have Fun!!!

                            PC Download Only: 38.75 KB
                            PC Download Only: 11.72 MB

                            UPDATE: Newer Version Available

                            This cannot be cooked properly for PS3 - Please don't ask!


                              Hi there, this is a great mutator you created, pingfreak, I tried on the PS3
                              and it seem fine with the exception of the rocket launcher's alternate (alt)
                              fire cause the game to lock up and the custom announcer went missing.

                              Sorry I don't have the PC version of UT3, and I'm not going to ask you to cook it, since that's
                              being rude to others who can't find or trying the solution for this. Anyways, it's g great mod
                              you've done. I'll just have to wait.