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    Hi all i am EvilAlien a new mapper this is my first map of Ut3 have fun

    Name: FirstBlood
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: A small and evil infernal map, watch your step!
    Comments: My first map of UT3 please give me your feedback


    Credits: read my DM-FirstBlood.txt file

    Homepage: none

    Download: DM-FirstBlood

    Work in progress............

    Please restructure your thread so that the words fit properly, say add the picture under screenshot.

    Other than that it looks nice! Im gonna be testing all these new things on friday so this is on my list!


      Ok i have restructured topic


        I would put up some shot of the actual level of the three I saw a close up of a skeleton and some fire, a city land scape and a city in space but none of them look like a shot of the actual level


          a skeleton and some fire is download avaiable other work in progress.


            cool map for 1 v 1 i like the athmosphere ...visually it change from same style space maps (the quake remakes) ; )
            thx for ur work


              Added it to our website now, PC version:

              Any objections if i were to add this map to a mappack?


                All 3 screenshots show completely different things?
                oh I get it now.

                Plus. You shouldn't be editing your screenshot showoffs like that. You can't see anything of the map except for fire and a skeleton.


                  Keeping in mind it's your first map, it seems like a "polar" map.

                  I like the atmosphere and it seems like this was done very well. But and this is a big one, the game play is almost non-existent. It's a small figure eight style platform which takes no thought in creating.

                  I understand that if you fall off, you will die and this can work in a map. But your map shouldn't be too focused on it. If you added more of the same platforms and added some routes and z-axis opportunities, it would have been a lot better.

                  The other thing that I can't understand is why would my vision get out of focus every time I pick up a weapon. To me the map is very frustrating to play.

                  While my comments may sound harsh, I wouldn't take the time if I didn't hope you would take them and apply to them to a future map. I would like to see the basic concept thought out more.

                  I have a map on my drive that uses the same catwalks for most of the map, but there is some thought and time put into the layout. I am hoping the same thing can happen with this one.